Many hours have gone into crafting these tools and resources, making them the biggest and best downloads available on Spoon Graphics. If you want to create truly great effects within your designs, purchase my design resource products:

Retro 80s Cover Art Textures

80s Cover Art Textures

Replicate the appearance of old, damaged VHS boxes, album covers, game boxes, and book covers to create your own retro style artwork with these cover art textures.

Buy Now - $10

Copy Shop Photocopy Effects Kit

Copy Shop

The Copy Shop has everything you need to recreate the gritty, low-fi aesthetic of photocopied designs, including actions, textures, templates and more!

Buy Now - $40

Washed & Worn Deluxe Vintage T-Shirt Textures Pack

Washed & Worn Deluxe

Capture the authentic cracked surfaces of old t-shirts where the printed graphic has flaked away from being washed and worn over many years

Buy Now - $20

The Complete Acrylic Design Toolkit

Acrylic Design Toolkit

Everything you need to add artistic painterly effects to your designs in one huge toolkit, including textures, patterns, vectors, brushes and more!

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More great tools and resources

I'm busy making more great products for you, but in the meanwhile here are my most used tools, including my favourite fonts, my go-to creative assets, and the products and services I use in my daily life as a designer. These are the tools and resources that I personally rely upon in my own creative toolbox to work smarter and more efficiently. I hope you find them useful too! If you decide to purchase some of these products yourself, I'll receive a small cut of the sale at no extra cost to you.

50% off My Favourite Fonts

I've always been a bit of a snob when it comes to fonts. I just can't stand the awful kerning and bad quality of many free fonts available on the web, so I've spent years building a library of pro-grade typefaces to call upon. I've managed to secure a 50% discount on my go-to favourite fonts. If you want to enjoy my most-used typefaces in your own projects too, check out this special custom bundle at Design Cuts.

Chris Spooner's All-Time Favourite Fonts

Essential Creative Assets

I make use of all the free design resources I share here on Spoon Graphics in my own work, but I also rely upon a few trusty resources from other creatives that form an integral part of my toolkit.



Textures are a staple of my design work! They help to transform your clean, digital designs into more realistic artwork with a tactile appearance.



Patterns are useful tools for filling large areas in your designs. It can be difficult to get them to tile seamlessly, so using ready-made assets is a real time-saver!

Effects Packs

Effects Packs

If there's a certain visual effect you need to recreate in your artwork, Effects Packs can provide all the tools you need to produce a specific graphic style.



Never present your print designs to clients—or in your portfolio—as flat graphics. Simulate how the finished print will look with mockup templates. These mockup packs contain every product you'll need!

Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Brushes

There are essentially two types of Photoshop Brushes: Artistic brushes you paint with to create handmade effects, and brushes that apply texturing to your work. Both are really useful tools to have!

Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator brushes are the secret ingredient to creating authentic looking hand-drawn vector illustrations. Each brush set helps you create a whole new illustrative art style.