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Showcase of Vintage Logo Designs with an Ornate Victorian Style

Branding and signage from the 1800s are the quintessential ‘vintage’ designs. More generally known as the Victorian era, visual traits that are associated with this style include ornate lettering and decorative flourishes. Unlike modern logo designs that are designed to be simple and versatile icons, vintage logos are extremely detailed lettering pieces often accompanied by intricate embellishments. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 50 beautiful vintage logo designs with a victorian style, created by a range of talented artists for tattoo studios, bars, and brands with a traditional character.

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Why You Should Replace All Your Hand-Drawn Brush Scripts with SVG Fonts

Hand-drawn fonts are a crucial tool for creating an informal design style with a human touch, but as with all handmade art styles, you can’t beat the authenticity of artwork that has actually been created by hand. Brush scripts provide a quick and easy way to add hand-painted lettering to your designs, but traditional fonts can look a little fake. SVG Fonts are an innovative new technology that retains the detail and texture of the original hand-drawn scan, which results in a much more realistic font that is difficult to tell apart from authentic hand-lettered type.

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40 Punchy Designs and Illustrations with a Boxing Theme

I have made inspiration showcases for all kinds of design subjects, but one theme I least expected to provide such a variety of artistic styles was the sport of Boxing! This hard-hitting roundup features packaging designs with mustache-wielding vintage fighters, fan art for legendary boxing athletes, abstract character illustrations, and reimagined film posters for your favourite Rocky movies for some knock-out design inspiration to give you a creative hit.

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The Best Brushes for Affinity Designer (Free & Premium Packs)

Affinity Designer is fast becoming a popular alternative to Photoshop. After receiving several messages asking whether I will be providing Affinity compatible tutorials and resources, I have been meaning to pick up a copy myself. Until I get to grips with the new interface and different workflow, I have made this roundup existing tools made specifically for Affinity Designer from a variety of talented creatives. Here you will find the best Affinity brushes, including both free downloads and high-quality brush pack products.

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Showcase of Wild West Themed Designs & Illustrations

The Wild West is a popular genre for movies, TV shows, games, and even comics, which means it is also a theme that commonly inspires artists to base their creations on, providing us with plenty of artwork we can admire to fuel our inspiration. In today’s showcase I present over 40 designs and illustrations, all with a western theme. Enjoy browsing this collection of digital paintings, posters, cartoons, advertisements and packaging designs that feature cowboys and gunslingers in a variety of graphical styles.

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40 Amazing Designs with Detailed Engraving Style Effects

Traditionally, engraved designs are carved into metal or wooden surfaces with sharp tools, but the visual style of engraving is also replicated in design and illustrative work. Ornate floral elements, detailed patterns, and intricate linework are common features that make engravings such a fascinating art style. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 40 amazing designs that are based on the aesthetics of scratchboard illustrations, etching, and vintage engravings.