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7 Free Dark Wood Texture Photoshop Mockup Templates

Apply detailed wood grain effects to your lettering, logos, and graphics with the help of my free Dark Wood Texture Mockups. These Photoshop files contain Smart Object layers you can paste your artwork into, which will then be automatically processed to apply the wood grain texturing. Every fibre and knot will be erased from your artwork to give it a weathered effect that is ideal for rustic or outdoors themed designs. The original plain wood grain textures are also supplied in basic JPEG format, for quick and easy use as backgrounds or overlays within your projects.

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Download My Free Poster Folds and Creases Textures

Give your digital designs the look of a real printed poster with my free collection of folds and creases textures. These textures feature detailed damage lines from the paper being folded and crumpled, with several options to simulate a page that has been folded in half, in thirds, roll folded, or just creased. They are ideal for making your poster art look like retro prints, adding some wear and tear to leaflet artwork, or giving a map design an antique appearance.

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Download My Free Collection of Organic Turing Patterns

Add detailed organic patterns to your design work with this free collection of seamlessly repeating vector pattern graphics. Inspired by the popular research into reaction-diffusion patterns in nature by mathematician Alan Turing, these graphics are made up of intricate stripes, spots, and spirals, which have become generally known as ‘Turing Patterns’. Inside you will find 13 pattern graphics in a variety of formats, including vector AI, EPS, Illustrator pattern swatches, Photoshop Pattern files, and individual PNG graphics, making them widely compatible with all kinds of image editing software.

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Free Pack of Wood Grain Textures with PNG Transparency

Download my new pack of textures to add detailed wood grain effects to your designs. After processing each photograph of wooden paneling to straighten and equalize the texture, the wood grain pattern was then extracted and exported as PNG files with transparent backgrounds. These PNG files preserve the details of the grain and make it easy to place the textures over your artwork. Use them to create rustic effects by using them as backgrounds, overlays, or within layer masks.

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20 Free Old Paper Textures with Creases, Folds and Stains

Old paper textures are one of my most commonly used design resources, as you may have noticed from my tutorials! I have always just downloaded whatever third-party assets I could find, so I thought it was about time I made a collection of my own old paper textures to keep handy in my digital toolbox. This free pack contains 20 old paper textures with various amounts of creases, folds and stains, providing a variety of vintage paper effects to suit all kinds of design scenarios. Download the textures for free to use them as backgrounds, overlay them onto your artwork, or apply them within masks to make your designs look like aged prints or antique documents.

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Download My FREE ‘Bad Print Effects’ Photoshop Action

The finishing touch to any retro or vintage themed design is to apply a series of adjustments that replicate the aesthetics of the low-cost printing methods that were used for old magazine, comic and matchbook prints. Ink bleed, misregistration and visible halftone dot patterns are all side-effects of cheap offset printing on cheap paper stock, but those visual traits that were once defects from the printing process are now desired effects to give modern artwork the appearance of a retro print. With my FREE Bad Print Effects Action for Adobe Photoshop, you can turn your crisp digital designs into nostalgic retro prints with the click of a button!