I love adding dirty textures to my designs to eliminate the clean digital appearance of computer-generated artwork. My new set of Dirty Surface Textures has been created from layers and layers of real surface grime to help you add authentic dirt effects with intricate details to your work, which just can’t be replicated with built-in Photoshop filters alone. They’re great for adding dirty backgrounds to your designs, overlaying over photos and images, or applying to layer masks to distress your artwork.

10 Free Dirty Surface Textures

This set of Dirty Surface textures contains 10 high-resolution 3000×2000/300ppi JPG images with various amounts of grain and scratches. Being a generic JPG file type means these assets are compatible with all design software. For best results, set the texture to the Screen blending mode, or combine them with a layer mask to allow the texture to erase parts of your artwork.

Download my 10 Free Dirty Surface Textures

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  1. Hello Chris thanks a lot for your beautiful artwork and for sharing it. Are they ok for a commercial use ?

  2. Çok teşekkürler.
    (Thanks a lot)
    Benim gibi garibanlar için daha çok ücretsiz hediyeler rica ederim.
    (I want more free gifts for freerider like me, please. :) )

  3. Appreciate the free textures! Always great to add that extra layer of rough edging to enhance my graphics…

  4. Hello my name is Eduardo Pereira
    and I live in Portugal
    First, I wish you
    A good year
    because 2021
    it will be much better.
    I never properly thanked him for the fantastic freebies that you have made available free.
    Chris, thank you very much for your inspiration
    and fantastic work
    I wish you well and safe.

  5. Hello! Are the freebies able to be used for commercial use? Are there any restrictions? I really appreciate you sharing these with us!

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