Stipple Shading Photoshop Brushes – $10

Stipple Shading Photoshop Brushes

Stippling is a classic technique to add shading and colour to an illustration. Depending on the density of the dots, stippling can be used to fill areas or create gradient effects that fade out, while adding interesting stylistic and texturing effects to your work. Traditionally, stippling would be produced by manually placing each and every dot with the nib of a pen, but with this pack of Photoshop brushes, you can quickly paint thousands of dots across your artwork. With these 8 brush tips featuring varying dot spread and densities, you can easily apply a light scattering or a heavy fill with no repetitive pattern.

Buy My Stipple Shading Photoshop Brushes – $10

Each brush in this Stipple Shading pack has been saved with the appropriate brush settings to automatically rotate and scatter as you paint to ensure an even distribution of dots. The brush tips range from a light distribution of dots to gradual changes in density to produce fade effects. My favourite technique is to use the Lasso tool to form a mask around the area of your illustration you want to apply shading to, then paint the stippling effect within the mask on a new layer.

What’s Included?

– 8 Photoshop Brushes

How to Use:

Install the brushes by navigating to the ‘Import Brushes’ option from the Brush panel menu.

Buy My Stipple Shading Photoshop Brushes – $10