10 Iridescent Holographic Textures – $10

Hot foil stamping is a special finish that gives printed material such as business cards or packaging a feeling of quality and luxury. Common foils include silver, gold and the more psychedelic holographic foils that reflect a full spectrum of colours. These extravagant foils are applied at the print stage by industrial machines, but designers are starting to simulate the appearance in their digital artwork to add artificial foil effects to designs that are viewed on screens. I’ve been busy creating a set of textures that you can use to produce holographic foil effects in your own designs. Use them with Clipping Masks to give your text and other design elements a vivid, shimmering, iridescent appearance.

Buy My Iridescent Holographic Textures – $10

This collection of holographic foil textures contains 10 high resolution 4000x3000px 300ppi JPEG images of vibrant colours similar to the appearance of iridescent holographic foil. Each texture contains a unique mix of colours and patterns to provide a variety of options to choose from. Every texture is finished with a rippled effect to give it a realistic and tactile appearance.

What’s Included?

– 10 holographic textures

Buy My Iridescent Holographic Textures – $10