Since posting this showcase of inspiring artwork combining geometry & photography back in 2014 I’ve wanted to give this trendy style of art a try myself. I finally sat down with Illustrator & Photoshop and devised a method of transforming a photograph into an abstract collage of geometric shapes. We’ll begin with Illustrator to build up a series of geometric lines, then cut up an image in Photoshop to create an interesting composition. A series of textures and curves adjustments will then help give the design a trendy retro style with plenty of processed colours and grain.

Abstract Geometric Photo Collage Art

See the full size geometric photo collage artwork

The artwork we’ll be creating in this tutorial has an old retro collage vibe with snippets of a photograph being cut out and rearranged into perfectly symmetrical geometric shapes.

We’ll begin in Adobe Illustrator to create a template for our geometric shapes. Create a new document then select the Ellipse tool. Remove the fill colour, but leave a black stroke then click on the artboard and enter 500px for both the Width and Height.

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  1. Thanks for this, Chris!

    Just one thing in case anyone else runs into this like I did: When you click on the magic wand to start selecting the inner shapes, make sure the “Contiguous” box is checked. If it isn’t, you’ll be selecting all the shapes at once.

    Awesome blog.


    • As much as I wish you could have 3 separate Channels panels open at once, the screenshot in my tutorial was made with some Photohop trickery combining 3 images

  2. That’s real cool. Easy too! Thanks man! I love the other page too, the one with the collection of this artwork style. Real fun too look at. Keep it up :)

  3. Great tutorial. I love these effects and so many possibilities.

    Although it may not be quite as convenient as using Illustrator first I am sure it would be possible to achieve similar effects using only Photoshop, using shapes and paths.

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