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  1. There are some wonderful photos in this collection. I too would love to see a tutorial on how to create something similar.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Really nice combination of geometric artwork in photos. I have seen now trends of these style in different graphic work increasing for example flyer. a really inspiring post you made!

  3. Thanks a lot Chris for this very inspiring post. These artworks are all wonderful. They mix perfectly vintage and contemporary art and I love that :-)
    A belgian addict

  4. I love the way these look, thanks so much for posting. May I ask where you found these? Do you have any links for where to find more examples? I’d really like to see more. I tried Googling geometric photography and even adding in collage & design but I wasn’t able to find much. Is there a universal term for this style of design? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Chris!

    • I spent a good few hours scouring inspiration galleries and portfolio sites using many keyword variants when creating showcases like these. Geometric, photography and collage were amongst the keywords I used too!

  5. Combination of marvelous photographs and creative geometrical shapes looks perfectly. You have picked the greatest examples to show it!

  6. Thanks for the further inpiration…I’m looking for guides to create in inkscape or freelancers…..I love this …and am looking to create…

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