Halftone textures are fantastic resources for creating retro print effects by simply overlaying the dot patterns over your solid colour artwork. I shared a pack of distressed halftone patterns last year, which featured a range of uniform halftone screens of various densities. This time, I’ve created a new series of vector textures with gradual changes in dot size, which help add subtle tones to your designs.

Free Vector Halftone Textures

These free halftone textures are created with irregular dots to achieve a distressed retro style. There’s 10 vector textures in the pack, ranging from light tones made with widely spaced tiny dots, through to densely packed groups of heavy dot patterns. Applying these textures over solid colour backgrounds instantly adds subtle details and gives your artwork an old newsprint or comic book style appearance. The scaled down preview graphics suffer from a moire effect, but you can really appreciate the awesome halftone dot patterns at their full size.

Download the Free Vector Halftone Textures 13mb

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  1. Thanks for this, i’ve been trying to get my hands in some Halftone textures. Great job and a late congrats on the 8 year anniversary!

  2. hey there – a rare moment, when i thought I’d actually type out a quick note – just wanted to say I’ve been unsubscribing from things this morning to lighten up the inbox – but there is something warm and human and likeable about you that manages to come through in your communications.
    Even though they are all utterly professional.

    Not unsubscribing… but I am thinking about learning how to play around with all those pretty dots you gave me today!


  3. Chris, thanks so much for these! Congrats on the 8th yr. of your website! “You done good!” Now all I need to learn is how to lay a gradient color layer over these that’ll take!

    Again, my thanks for all the free stuff you have here. I’ll be reviewing your site on WinCustomize at the end of this week.

    • Thanks Seth! There’s a couple of ways to apply a gradient to these halftones. You can do that with the gradient tool directly in Illustrator, otherwise you could use the halftones in a layer mask in Photoshop

  4. Chris,

    Happy 8th Birthday to you and your awesome website! These are awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and all the help you have given us! You rock!

  5. I am so into these images that I have tried to three days to get them. Please send the link over to me. Can’t wait to use nnd great job on creating these images.

  6. Chris,

    Are you going to have a tutorial on how to make those really distressed halftone vectors. I’m assuming that the trick is to first make it in Illustrator and then import it into PS to distress it….

  7. thank you so much Mr. spooner.you are too kind…your works are an inspiration to beginners like me

  8. Hi, thanks a lot of your informations and tricks. I have a question, are the resources licensed under Public Domain?

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