Last week I shared a collection of free seamless knitted Christmas jumper patterns for my readers to download and get their design in the festive spirit. A few of you guys were interested in seeing how they were made, so today I’ll be showing you the techniques I used to build them. Don’t worry if you’re not into real life knitting, this process uses Adobe Illustrator to compose your design and create a repeating pattern!

Christmas Jumper pattern

The design we’ll be creating in this tutorial is a knitted jumper style pattern using festive Christmas colours. It’s made up of tiny stitch like graphics which alternate in colour to produce intricate pattern designs, and the whole tile seamlessly repeats to fill an infinite area. Christmas is coming fast, so if you’re pressed for time, grab last week’s free Christmas jumper patterns download.

Create a new Illustrator document and use the Ellipse tool to draw a small oval shape. Rotate it slightly by spinning the shape with one of the corner handles.

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  1. wonderful christmas jumper pattern design in illustrator.very easy and Step by step tutorial very detailed.thanks Chris for your nice and helpful post..!!

    • Thanks James! I had plenty of practise when I created the free versions, so I had a head start. It takes a few hours overall, depending on how detailed the pattern design is.

  2. Hi,

    Great post! I’m just having a little trouble with one of the stages, once I merge my 2 shapes I cant get a regular square around it, mine is slanted and i’m then having trouble to get a perfect fit in a grid!

    If you could help that would be amazing!


  3. This is fantastic, thanks loads. We had the idea of a Christmas jumper themed Christmas eCard, and this technique has proved fantastic! Great work.

  4. Oh my God, you are amazing! I saw your previous post with the free pattern and wondered how you made this! I had my thought but you went beyond them. Well done Chris! Thank you for teaching me so much. Post your awesome tutorials more often ;)

  5. I’ve got a project to do exactly this.

    Was going to spend some time today thinking about how to do it and now I don’t need to.

    cheers Chris

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