I’ve been busy with my virtual knitting needles and crafted 4 free Christmas jumper patterns for your designs to wear this season. Each design is based on the popular ‘Fair Isle’ knitting style with lots of tiny red and white stitch-like graphics making up intricate festive patterns. The download contains patterns for both Illustrator & Photoshop, and includes vector swatches, seamless .PAT files and individual PNG images to make them usable in any Christmas themed project.

4 Free Knitted Christmas Jumper Patterns

This free pack of Christmas jumper patterns contains 4 unique designs in the style of ‘Fair Isle’ knitting. Choose from two intricate pattern designs made from generic shapes, or more commercial Christmas style designs with trees and reindeers. All the patterns seamlessly repeat to fill an infinite area and are available in both vector or raster format.

Vector Christmas Jumper Patterns

Vector Christmas jumper patterns

Open the vector Christmas jumper patterns file in Adobe Illustrator to find the four individual pattern groups as vector graphics, along with ready made swatches that will apply the pattern as a fill to any object.

Photoshop Christmas Jumper Patterns

Photoshop Christmas Jumper Patterns

Install the .PAT version of the Christmas jumper patterns in Adobe Photoshop to have the 4 designs selectable as pattern fills. Use the Pattern Overlay layer style or the Fill tool to add these patterns to your designs.

Repeating PNG Christmas Jumper Patterns

Repeating Christmas Jumper patterns

Alternatively, use the basic PNG images of each Christmas jumper pattern manually for website backgrounds or to get your social profiles in the festive spirit!

Download the free Christmas jumper patterns 16mb

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  1. Good news! I’ve updated the pattern to remove the accidental addition of Reindeer private parts.
    I’ve left the original preview image above for your entertainment :-)

  2. These are awesome! Although, I must point out that the deer on the right is easily recognizable as the male…

  3. WOW Chris:

    These are GORGEOUS. I’ve NEVER seen anything like it.

    Would love to learn how you created them. The possibilities are endless!

    Thanks so much Chris!!!

    Sharing with my Photoshop community. They’re going to go wild with this! I almost hate to share it and keep it all for myself! But I won’t! :)

    Take care,

    Roz Fruchtman

  4. Thanks for sharing ;) I’m going to use those beautiful patterns on Christmas e-cards to my friends :D

  5. Nice job, Chris. These look really fun, and I’m looking forward to playing with them on some holiday creative.

  6. Thanks, I was asked to design a collgiate tshirt with a sweater pattern, these will work great to use as a starting point. Thanks for posting.

  7. These are truly wonderful, Chris. Thank you very much! I was thinking that the accidental reindeer would have been great to use on a t-shirt as a fun joke to a Christmas sweater.

  8. This came at a perfect time! You’ve done that twice now. I needed something for an invitation to a department holiday “meeting” (we aren’t allowed to call it a party, of course). And they want us to wear holiday gear (ie. horrible holiday sweaters – or jumpers if you are British). So this was perfect! I duplicated it and pasted it into my type headline and it looked great. Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays to you!

  9. Great.
    Can you tell me as I understand you have used Illustrator to make them ? Right ?
    I think it is very possible to make it in Photoshop . This kind of effect – I haven`t work with this kind of effects but I think it is
    easy to make it .

    Thanks for sharing .

  10. Hello Chris,

    Is there an all red-pattern you forgot to add?

    There is no easy way to add a text field.

  11. Is there any way you can please tell me the name of the fonts you used for “4 free Christmas Jumper Patterns” ? Thank you, also thank you for these templates!

  12. You are a very good Knitter person. TY for this fun & festive gift plus the CU permission with it. Happy Holidays to you! – Echo

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