As I outlined in one of my recent video tutorials, I’ve been using car photography as a creative outlet lately. It’s a great opportunity to combine my hobbies of Photoshop, photography, and driving my Ford Mustang into one fun activity! In today’s tutorial I’ll share my photo editing process and explain how I take a basic car photograph and transform it into an inspiring automotive portrait by compositing a new background and blending the car with its new environment, using a variety of techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

Composite background car photos

Compositing a new background dramatically transforms a bland and boring setting into a much more visually appealing location that can help enhance the mood or atmosphere you want to achieve with the photo. These two photographs were both taken on the same empty road, but with the magic of some Photoshop editing, one is now set in a cold mountainous region, and the other in an exotic metropolis!

How To Composite a Car onto a New Background in Photoshop

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