Have some fun transforming yourself, your family members or your work colleagues into a bobblehead style caricature with this step-by-step tutorial for Adobe Photoshop. We’ll make use of Photoshop’s image manipulation techniques to exaggerate the features of a portrait photograph to give it a funny cartoon-like appearance. Since we’re using a photograph as the source, rather than illustrating the caricature by hand, it retains degree of realism and retains a strong resemblance to the subject.

How To Create a Funny Caricature Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Exaggerating the subject’s proportions with an oversized head and eyes will be the first step to transform the subject from a life-like photograph to a comedic caricature. We’ll then use some processing techniques to enhance the skin, giving it a hyperrealistic appearance similar to a vinyl toy or 3D model.

To achieve the best results, you need a high resolution portrait photograph with sharp details. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m using this stock image by Wayhome studio from Shutterstock. Ideally the subject will have short or tied up hair and will be set against a clean background to make the clipping process easier.

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  1. Maybe I missed this by skimming but Photoshop’s Liquify > Face Aware controls are amazing! They certainly won’t do the job for you, this tutorial is still an essential if you want to achieve results like these but it’s fun and will prove useful for many. I love that Highpass trick- can’t wait to try that one out tomorrow on our staff photos :)

  2. Really want to thank you for all the content and tools you provide free of charge. It has helped improve the quality of my designs

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