In today's favourite links roundup we feature the winners of the recent Designious Vector Pack competition, check out some beautiful design portfolios and business card designs and discover an awesome resource for showcasing your web designs.

Designious Premium Vector Pack Winners
Congratulations to the five lucky winners of the premium vector packs from Designious. There was a huge number of entries with 288 comments left on the article with some great reasons as to why you would have liked to win the vector packs, including some rather random and witty responses!
The five winners were chosen using a random integer generator, which pulled out the following comments:

24494 – Katy (
Katy loves working with vectors because they can really spice up a design if used right! She also loves that you can mix them with every art style there is and it will still look sexy as hell!

24407 – Wvpv (
Unfortunately wvpv's inner graphic designer was repressed and posted that winning the vector pack would unrepress it. Wvpv; consider yourself unrepressed!

24721 – Mari
Mari said; I would really love one of the vector packs because I'm a newcomer designer in desperate need for vector patterns!

24441 – Mark
Mark loves the Designious vectors, he finds them a huge time saver and look great. He would love to win them.

24764 – Marie
Marie made an ironic comment that with the winners being chosen at random, there was only a slim chance of winning, but was hopeful all the same. Well Marie, I guess it’s your lucky day!

I came across the WellMedicated site after following a Twitter link, this post showcases 40 Beautiful Web Design Portfolios and serves as some great inspiration for setting up your home on the web.

The CSS Gallery List
After building your website it's nice to gain a little exposure, CSS galleries are a fantastic way of doing this, but with there being hundreds across the web it can be a little time consuming. Thankfully, The CSS Gallery List provides a really useful roundup of these galleries, sorted by pagerank for those hardcore SEO'ers.

Another blog I recently discovered was the Ever-Real site. This interesting post presents a collection of The 75 Hottest Business Card Designs You've Ever Seen! Absorb as much business card inspiration as you can as there will soon be a business card related tutorial on Blog.SpoonGraphics for you to create your own designs.

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