A roundup for this week includes a variety of inspiration for both print and web, a couple of Halloween related treats and an overview of some cracking tricks available in the new Illustrator CS4.

Webby Arts
Kicking off with some typographic inspiration the trend of 3D text combined with various illustrative methods is proving to be pretty hot at the moment. This great roundup of examples from Webby Arts showcases some cool examples of the impact it can create in your artwork.
If you fancy creating your own 3D type illustration check out these of tutorials from GoMedia and Digital Arts.

The Design Cubicle
Compared to the wealth of information about web design presented on blogs in the design community, print related articles seem to be quite rare. Luckily The Design Cubicle has one of these print design gems in the form of 8 Print Finishes to Spice Up Your Designs, displaying a collection of interesting processes to consider for creating some truly inspiring print work.

As featured in a previous roundup PSDTUTS have pulled out some more great tutorials of late. With it being Halloween one tutorial that stood out was the recent walkthrough of creating a Pumpkin Halloween Wallpaper. The tutorial covers some simple steps to manipulating a set of source photos into a great looking end image.

Dan Swartz
Long time subscribers may remember the appearance of Frankenspoon this time last year. The fold up toy was presented as both a giveaway and tutorial and received some great responses. Illustrator Dan Swartz recently emailed me to tell me about his own fold-it-yourself toyArnold the happy little monster. Aimed to get the kids creative it's a great looking cheeky little character that certainly kept me amused for a while!

With the recent hype about the new Adobe Creative Suite it was great to see a down to earth review from Rype, the author of Illustrator tips and tricks blog, Vectips.
Multiple artboards, tabbed documents, workspace switching, smart guides, object alignment, blob brush, gradient tool, gradient transparency, separations preview, performance review and overall conclusion are just some of the topics covered in his comprehensive post.

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