Creators of top quality premium vector packs Designious are giving away a free pack of your choice to five lucky Blog.SpoonGraphics readers. All you have to do is place your answer in the comments and look forward to the result in next week’s links roundup!

Designious is a studio that creates hand crafted illustrations and design elements which are released as royalty free vectors, great for use in web, print and apparel design. Such graphics include wings, scrolls, heraldry, people, floral, skulls and many more! New vector packs are released on a regular basis, and for anyone who unfortunately doesn’t receive one of the premium packs, there are some great free giveaways available on

So How Do I Win?!

To put yourself forward for the chance of grabbing yourself a free premium vector pack, simply add your answer to the following question in the comments:

Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?


Post your entry before 11:59pm GMT on Thursday 27th November 2008, five winners will be picked at random and announced in next week’s roundup post.

This competition is now closed, thankyou to all that took part and congratulations to the five winners!

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  1. I’d love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs because I could use it to learn more about the tool of my trade. Learning from great artists is one of the best methods of self improvement :)

  2. Hi,

    You see, I studied higher level math and I loved vectors then.

    To think that I can get a whole pack of vectors excites me somewhat and they will surely have an impact on my life, my family and my friends.

    They will be the making of a new me.


    Ok, I’ll be honest, anything free excites me, but I could make good use of them on my site!



  3. Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?

    Because I would hate to be a loser and not get one!

  4. The one and only – the bare and true cause is: i’m totally unable to make those perfect vectors but i need them. i’m a designer without the ability to draw something :D it’s unbelievable but i depend on a service like yours :)

    Hope I’ll catch the price :-)


  5. Hello!!

    I’m sorry, my english isn’t so good…but I will try it…

    So…why would I love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs…

    Well, I would say because I love illustrator and it would be great to work with these vector packs…i have so many ideas I would like to realise…I like to take photos and work with photoshop, illustrator and flash…I could do so many things with these vectors..even in after effects…my master collection will love it xD and me too, of course…and i never won something yet in my whole life -.- so pplllleeeaaasseee let me be one of the winners…I would really love to be one of them…

    by the way…thank you for the great css-tutorial, it helped me a lot…because I am an apprentice of mediadesign…and we have to learn this, too. but our school is so bad…you don’t learn anything there…so, thank you very much..

    ps.: LET ME BE A WINNER!!!

    love and greets

  6. Why would I love to be the winner.

    Ideally, I don’t want to win the pack, I would prefer have the talent to create things like that alone.

    But that’s it, I’m a bloody web developer, with no clue in design.

    I try, every time harder, but every time, when I try to do something it’s just a crap. I’m bad at design, but I really need vector element for my future web project. (I work on it with my partner).

    Last time, I tried to make a Guitar in vector, I was proud about my creation, and I show my creation to my real guitar. She hang herself :(

    Next time, I’ll try to not do a cat, and save a cute cat btw.

    Sometime I open photoshop, and try to mimic, reproduce all these beautiful stuff I saw everyday … The only interface I can mimic in photoshop is the facebook interface … well, tbh just the homepage.

    So that’s it, why would I like to win it …. because I’m your kind of customer. I don’t know how to create this kind of stuff … I’m only good at copy things in design :D


  7. I wud need this bcoz i am gona add value to my designs! I wana make my client feel happy n fresh with this new collection! I cant change the world though but i can bring change to ones mind!

  8. I would love these free vectors because right now in all of the shops where I am there are no good T-shirt designs. (Who the heck wants to wear a Mr Happy t-shirt when you’re over the age of 6 anyway? 0.o) It would be great if I could make some really awesome t-shirts and see if I could get them printed, and give some to my friends (as well as keep a few for me ^_^) for Christmas. It would be a very original present.

    These vector packs are inspirational design elements that would certainly come in handy for a long time. I would also use them in other designs for print and web.

    And that is why I would LOVE to win these packs.

    It would also be the best christmas present EVER.

  9. I was skimming the page for several weeks now and always wanted to buy some vector packs. It would be awesome to get one for free, as i m quite budget constraint at the moment.

    please let me win :P

    Greetings from Milano

  10. i don’t need it acctualy, i wouldn’t use it anyway. but i didn’t win anything since i was born. so i would be happy, probably.
    but who cares, it’s a random pick, yeah?

  11. It’s simple. Every designer has A and B clients, and sometimes C clients. Obviously designers focus more time on their A clients, I know I do. So when it comes the B and C clients stock art work helps to get the jobs done faster. A larger stock library means less time creating something from scratch for a B or C client.

    That’s why I’d like to win.

  12. Would love to finally have resource packs to pull from rather than buying individual vector stocks.

  13. I would love one of these great vector packs because I cant afford to buy them on my own /cry and would love the chance to use them for the purpose of inspiration, mischief, expression, to bring together, to make people think, to make me think, to explore, in other words to create me some artistic expression, yaaaaaaay!

  14. Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs because I’m too poor to buy them due to getting married soon!

  15. cause that will help me to save a lot of time for searching vector graphics on the internet :-)

  16. I would love to win one of the sets because I am rubbish at vector illustrations and it will save me loads of time

  17. Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?

    Firstly I’m an art & design student at University therefore I can’t afford to buy loads of vector packs and secondly because I just love using vectors to make fantastic designs in web & print!
    By the way, love your blog!

  18. Because I’ve just started learning vector art, so denying this pack from me could be the end of my wonderful vector artist career. And you don’t want that…

  19. waOUhhh ! awesome packs ! It would be wonderful to catch one of them for the communication of our scientific newtwork :)))

    V, from France.

  20. Because i breath vector, hear vector, sense vector, read vector, dress vector, love vector, eat vector (and then ofcourse: shit vector) and even SEE vector!

  21. I would love to win a package because I do vector work for my church. Creating t-shirts for student groups, certificates for awards, publications for the church, etc. These vector packs would help expand the possibilities.

  22. I would love to win these vector packs because I would put them to really good use, I promise….. plus I’m a little bit poor right now due to my scrapbooking obsession… it would be good to get something free right about now!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?

    Well I have been communicating with my children with vectors since they were babies. Sadly as two of them are reaching pre-teens I can see where my current vector vocabulary is diminished and lacks the punch needed to speak the 411 with today’s totally hip and narly pre-teens.

    Not to mention extending both mine and the childrens vector vocabulary insures the upcoming communications with the home planet will not get lost in translation. I mean come on have you ever seen what happens with a mis-read intergalactic transmission. Not good i mean it really not good.

    Thanks blogsppongraphics and for potentially furthering my pre-teen and intergalactic vocabulary.

  24. I would use your awesome scroll vectors to add some flair to my plain ol’ site about writing. I really need some visual elements to draw readers in! Thanks for the great vectors!

  25. PICK ME PICK ME! ’cause i love them!love having a huge range of choise and inspiration around me when i’m working!

  26. I would like the pattern pack because that would really help in the final book design for my Master’s Thesis. I am a landscape architecture major leaning towards the importance of communication and landscape design.

  27. Since vectors are smaller than raster images, I think I can even use these in my tiny laptop.

    Oooh, pretty footer you have there.

  28. Because i want them, and im poor, and i genuinely feel guilt when i use bit-torrent to download vector packs.

  29. Because vectors are a far superior form of displaying a graphic image. I not only appreciate the clean, crisp edges of vector images, I want to tattoo them on my back and then resize them without losing quality.

    This was “weirdest comment wins” right?

  30. Good morning…

    I would like the vectors because my best friend and I are tired of working hard for the ‘man’ and are trying to open our own business. WE plan to have a mandatory happy hour once a week, early dismissal on Fridays, dogs are allowed in the office to help boost morale, and their will be an espresso station. Any free assets for getting our venture off the ground would be awesome and fabulous. Thanks!

    Ps> Happy holidays… even if I don’t win!

  31. Becuse, they would really spice up my creations. And i would like to have some cool and good locking stuff on my creations :)

  32. Specifically, I would want the one in the middle. Why? Because I make comics, and those buildings and halftones would be so very useful in environment/background creation. You just can’t get that drawing by hand, or at least, I cannot.

  33. Because I work for a printing company and everything has to be done “yesterday” and these will help me create great designs fast.

  34. Lord, I would LOOOOVE to have any of these packs. A friend of mine has a few, and I have been in love with them ever since.


  35. well, getting this would help me to further get into the graphic design career. i know you can make anything, but having the accessibility of these would make things that much easier and quicker at times. and i need all the shortcuts i can get sometimes…… also, i love this blog. i check it all the time for updates on tutorials and such. keep up the good work….

  36. I am the only graphic designer who can’t draw… yeah it boggles me too. Although amazing with photoshop and having an incredibly good eye for user-centric design – I rely heavily on other people’s amazing royalty free pictures and vectors.

    Having this in my arsenal would not only save me so much time and money hunting for and paying for other people’s vectors, it would ease my mind knowing I have a bunch of high quality vectors at my disposal.

    I would appreciate this so much and dearly hope to be picked!

  37. Knowing me, I would probably use the hell out of all of these cool vector packs for any and everything that I work on. Web sites, shirts, printed good, whatever I can find.

  38. Winning this vector set would be helpful and inspiring, which is always a good thing! What designer couldn’t use something like this? Thank you for such a great contest!

  39. All the rules and theory in university made me so damn scientologyst and now i cant even draw to myself a little icon like when i was sixteen! LOL I love the fact that this vectors are made by truely masters in creativity. Something that is missing to me for a long time.

  40. It would be f****** great to have that pack, thanks a lot for it. ;)

    keep up the good work, if dont get the pack I get the inspiration from this blog, keep it free, ok?

  41. I’d really love to win a vector pack because I’d love to have some fresh pieces for my quiver. Since I get paid for what I do I recently was forced to spend $600 on and upgrade of Photoshop because PS 7 won’t run on my new computer and version 7 didn’t qualify for the regular upgrade price since it was too old. I don’t upgrade that as often as Illustrator since I mainly do vector artwork. Needless to say, It’s going to take me a while to recoup the extra expense and a vector pack would surely help. Thanks!

  42. me me me me me me me me me me !!!! I’m usually not lucky at those random things… maybe this one’s the right one ;)

    Happy holidays !

  43. I am a web design student at Seattle Central and I would love to get some cool vector art to do some student assignments. I am also in the process of creating a new portfolio site using WordPress and they would be great to use for my personal site as well. This site looks great and I’m sure my own portfolio site could look this good with one of these packs. Hope the best folks win them!

  44. I love working with vectors and they can really spice up a design if used right! Plus you can mix them with every art style there is and it will still look sexy as hell.

    I’m also a designer and not only will these vector packs allow me to work faster if I have to throw something together quickly, I also love looking at other people’s vector artwork for inspiration.

  45. Because I never have time to create the vector art that I want to!

    I know nothing about HTML, and am just learning Dreamweaver (I’m an Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop gal) and have to all of a sudden create a whole new site in approximately 1 week! I don’t even have time to go out and search for stock vector that might make really cool background images when scaled back, or that might look really cool in a button, or as a divider line in a graphic. *sad*

    I would like to win to ease the burden of stress within the workplace, and also because they are really kick ace vectors.

  46. i’d like to win the packs because i often have to assemble flyers & posters in a short amount of time. also, i’m still learning illustrator and analyzing (and trying to replicate) other peoples work is a great way to gain knowledge.

  47. Because i am a first year parttime student Graphic Design and i am the only one in my class with no graphic background.. And i want to kick some ass in my class and show them i can do it as well!

  48. I would love to win because I teach full-time and would love to share with my students! We teaching types don’t get paid much… (me begging). Thanks!!

  49. I am in the process of starting my own Web design business and the vector packs would help greatly in that area!

  50. I would like some of the vector graphics to help design t-shirts for my husband’s army unit. They’re in Afghanistan now, and could really use something cool. I was thinking about the skulls. One good one, with a stetson hat maybe…

  51. V is for Vector, P is for Packs. Cinnamon toasty Vector Packs! You need a complete image library, that’s a fact. Start it off with Vector Packs. Vector Packs! Vector Packs! Ten vitamins and minerals-that’s what they pack. Apple-tasty, crunchy, too! Designious Vector Packs!

    Designing with Vector Pakcs makes children more smarter.

  52. To expand my vector packs (or start expanding, since I have none). They would greatly benefit my designing experience.

  53. I would love to have these cuz they are simply awesome and I could never create them as good as they did it. I can put this in to my designing use. Thanx for this opportunity.

  54. WOO HOO! they are too cool! Would sure love to win one of the packages. I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed :D Thank you!

  55. I live in the mountains of Colorado and just started a snowboard design business where some new vector packs would be of great benefit to me.


  56. What everyone else above me said except x10 and vectored for good measure! Those are just awesome! It would be great to be the proud owner of such great pieces or vector art.

  57. Hi there!

    I would love to be the winner of these vector graphics for 3 reasons:
    1. because I am about to seriously start on my design career and this would be an immense help to me;
    2. because I have shared freebies on my blog for the past year and a half since I started dabbling with design and I know my readers would love anything created with your awesome vectors; and
    3. because you are incredibly amazing and will not think twice about letting me win it. HAHAHA. (Hope springs eternal, right?)

    Have a great day!

  58. Because vector illustrations are great.
    Because I use them in my graphics.
    Because these packs are awesome…



  59. Hey!

    I would like to win these vectors because i’m just starting a designer carrier and with these vectors my start will be much easier … because i love them and i will make you proud with some awsome designs! …

    PLZ PICK ME!!!

    yours truly,

  60. Vector Packs of any sort are turning out to be a valuable tool in any good designer’s arsenal these days, and owning one of these offered packs would certainly help with my design work both present and future :)

  61. I would like to win the packs because I have to do my bachelor in media arts and production next semester and I’m planning to do an animation movie with vectors and compositions (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects) and these packs would be a great help for me since I have to draw all vectors by myself which I can not find somewhere.

    You really could help a desperate designer with this ;)


  62. I’ve been creating my own graphics/photos and hand lettering for 20 years. What a relief to stumble across this site! Thank you for giving me the convenience of quality art and time to run my business more effectively.

  63. I would love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs because there is no chance in a lifetime I could create any of those amazing vectors. :)

  64. These vectors packs would help me jump start my design ability as I try to get my name out into the design community and supplement my creative ideas with well-executed vectors.
    “Good design is good business”- Tom Watson

  65. When I design web pages or logos or banners I alwayz felt for the need of graphics. If I’m getting this pack then I’ll be the most luckiest freelance designer :D

  66. If this vector for Photoshop/Illustrations, Yes i want it, I want it so bad, please. I need this for my next photoshop art and for my job also

  67. I’m an ex-cubical jockey who quit a very well-paying job to pursue a career in design. Best decision I ever made. Although, now I’m poor (going back to school is not cheap) and trying to build my resources. I would make good use of these packs! Help me get on my feet.

  68. I’d like to win a vector pack because vector figures are a boost for illustrations. (And because it’s nice to win something from time to time :P)

  69. “Applied good taste is a mark of good citizenship. Ugliness is a from of anarchy…ugly cities, ugly advertising, ugly lives produce bad citizens.”
    –Lester Beall

  70. Hi,

    YES! I would love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs? ; P

    Because I am NOT an artist… ; P I NEED & WANT some awesome graphics for my websites and t-shirt designs…


  71. I would LOVE a free pack because I LOVE my field of work but being a college student without a car or job I can’t afford what I want. Classes have me bogged down to the point where I can hardly find the time it takes to create such beautiful design (thus the reason for not having a job yet). Please give away the ability to be somewhat more creative to me!!

    P.S. this blog is my opening tab ^.^

  72. This competition finishes on my Birthday

    so far i shall enjoy a biology exam

    work from 4pm to 9pm

    and study for specialist math for the next day…

    please save my birthday :)

  73. Because it’s obvious that everyone want’s them, it’s not obvious what people are going to do with them. I would like to explain what I’m going to do with them;

    I will be able to ask lower prices, because it costs me less time. Therefore I get more customers and eventually I’ll be able to ask higher prices and be rich! That’s the whole idea for me!

  74. I´m gonna be the most honest of all this people:

    I wnat to win a vector pack because i dont want to pay for it :D (Is what everybody knows and nobody says :D)

    greeting sfor the winner

  75. I need this because I could use it to design new pieces for my portfolio to help me get a better job!

  76. I would like to win this because I have an ingenious idea with the wallpaper vectors. I’ve been trying to figure out (in my head) how to approach the illustrations, but I see from the wallpaper vector box, that’s exactly what I am looking for….


  77. Because they are a great source of inspiration.
    Plus I have used some of them, and the quality is outstanding.


    pretty please??

  78. OMGosh – to win this wld be my THANKFULNESS for THANKSGIVING. My present blog is my first attempt, i’m now addicted and my husband bought me a “website” domain for my birthday, geeky gift I know, but its what I WANTED.

    So excited to start design & build, but taking time to research, get the tools and CREATE something cool, something all MINE.

    Being pretty creative, but not nessicarly ARTISTIC .. I would flip for one of these packets so frustrating to have the ideas and not the talent to execute, nor the $$ to pay for someone to execute!!

    As much as it will hurt my chances in winning, I will be tweeting and passing the word on this contest, too cool not to!

    Crossing my fingers and anxiously waiting for the 27th!

    Thanks for the info and resources, got your site from “Just”

  79. Imagine there’s no Deadlines Â
    It’s easy if you try
    Won free pack o vectorsÂ
    …now it’s vectors on the flyÂ
    Imagine all the freedomÂ
    Coming to me today

    Imagine there’s opportunityÂ
    It isn’t hard to doÂ
    No time needed to design for…Â
    ..a vector piece or twoÂ
    Imagine all the freedomÂ
    Living design in peace

    You may say that I’m a designerÂ
    But I’m not the only oneÂ
    I hope today you’ll choose meÂ
    Free time is what I wonÂ

    Imagine no client sessionsÂ
    I wonder if you canÂ
    No need for meetings or travelÂ
    I’ve got some time on my handsÂ
    Imagine all the freedomÂ
    ..this contest can holdÂ

    You may say that I’m a designerÂ
    But I’m not the only oneÂ
    I hope someday you’ll pick meÂ
    And my time is what I’ve won.


    (revised from John Lennon’s “Imagine”)Â
    Â Â

  80. I’m not going to front with you guys. I’m a freelancer. This pack would make my life much, MUCH easier. I’m still a student, but I will graduate soon, and this will give me a hella bump when I start freelance designing in the “real” world.


    James “SkinnyD” Bratten

  81. I’d love to win simply because I’m a student graphic designer in college, near graduation and itching for new projects to work on.

    A new vector pack would be a great addition to my designing palette, and honestly would be a neat little confidence boost! :D

  82. I would like to win the vector packs as I have a big photoshoot coming up for a 2009 corset designers catalogue and we are going to need some detailing for the print work.

  83. Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?

    Honestly, I think it’s the same reason everyone else would like to win. For the simple reason of wanting to feel special. Special about being the one that was chosen.

    Good Luck to all.

  84. because I’m a freelance web developer with too little time and knowledge to make beautiful vectors myself.

    Please let it be me=)

  85. As a photographer I try to make most of my cards, story boards, image overlays, and so on. A vector pack would really help me in my design. I have a lot of graphics that I use that are NOT vectors. The problem here is that I cannot offer these products as larger prints… and larger prints = more money! These would really help me out!

  86. i need these ! because .. well lets see … ive started my own studio, and ive got a truckload of work to do, and these vectors would realllly help…
    also i kinda am NOT the best vector artist-guy around …

    thanks !

  87. Getting these packs would greatly improve my quality of work and increase my workflow. I mean seriously, look at these packs. They are just so full of stuff its unimaginable to what you could do with them.

    But aside from the obvious, these packs would motivate me. In school, in my career, or for just the hobby in it all.

    Like all, however, I create to please. And winning would only extend that pleasure to the people I am on display to.

  88. Because I can’t draw! Save me please! I’m meant to be a graphic designer, but my life depends on other folks’ amazing vector art. And of course, I can never have too much. And this stuff is the best.

  89. I would like to win because i am a very busy designer that needs as many tools at his fingertips as possible – and these vectors are FABULOUS!!!!

  90. These stock packs look awesome. I’ve never heard of Designious. Anyhow, I certainly would appreciate being able to use these elements in my work. It would save time and money, and would contribute to making some awesome designs. If I really liked them I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

    *drops name into hat.


  91. I would really love one of those vector packs because… I’m a newcomer designer in a desperate need for vector patterns. =P

    Besides, these are awesome!

  92. I’m a graphic designer who creates hundreds of ads every week. There’s not enough time in my day to be designing custom vectors for each client, which leaves me dependent on stock art for the majority of my work. A new vector set would be amazingly helpful.

  93. OK. I feel as though these vector image packs would serve as incredible inspiration to my work. I am currently a junior at college and cannot wait to get out of here and experience hands on what graphic design is all about. I think that by winning these packs, since I’m a poor college student and can’t afford them, my portfolio pieces will have much more flare than they originally would have. I am confident enough that I could create such images, but it would sure as hell save me some time. Thanks!!

  94. I would love to win one of these to implement in my church poster designs. I am also new to the vector world so to have something to start with would be amazing. I learn a lot just by breaking elements down.

  95. I would like to win one Vector Pack to save some money, then get rich and famous using the vectors in my designs and then buying the whole set of packs.
    That should be easy :)

  96. I love to be the winner of the vector packs, because than the world will be a better place. At the end of the day, that’s all we want..the world to be a better place.
    And if others win, I hope they improve the world , good luck to everyone.

  97. Why would you love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?

    I love to be the winner because, I know that this is a great opportunity to enhance more my skills in designing, I’ve just discovered your site recently and it surprise me that there is a site like this that gives free vector packs that I’ve been researching a long time ago. I hope I’ll be given a chance to bring out the best of my ability in designing. Its so great that you are also providing tutorials. so, I’ll be sticking around to your site from now on. hehe… More power to all of you!!! Thanks

  98. The true dedication lies in the hearts of those who scrolled hours on end to reach the bottom of this page, just to have their voices heard.

    Having said that, there’s nothing in this world I want more than your…


    There’s nothing in this world I want more than…


    What are you giving away again?

  99. First of all it would make me very happy to win them. And second: I’d use them to make a lot of other people happy which would make me even happier. And what could be better than everybody being happyy?

  100. I would love to win because this website has helped me so much already with tips, tricks and shortcuts in design, that winning a vector pack which helps me out even more would be truly awesome!

  101. Well since the winners are picked at random, I spose it doesn’t really matter what I write (sux to be someone who put alot of thought and time in2 their answer). But hey we’ve all got a 5/266 chance of winning or sumfin so hey!

    and for luck, pick me please, please with a cherry on top! =D

  102. Look. I`m gonna be honest. Im from Colombia, and i want to change the people minds to create better people through design. I dont have toò much money, but your vector packs would help me a lot.


    (Sorry about bad english!!XD)

  103. I am just beginning my adventure with graphic, i would love to have more and more possibilities to show that it is not only a hobby but that it is my passion!
    Please give me more opportunities to develop myself!

  104. I would love to be a winner because who doesn’t love to win! honestly, i’m a graphic design student who loves art, design and creating new visuals. Vectors are simply amazing, even though I personally can’t produce them in InDesign.

  105. first : Designious has such good stuffs
    second: I just begin graphics studies, and I’d love to have vectors packs!

  106. Hi :) I would like to win one of these, because I use alot of vector both in my daily work and in my spare time, where I use it to make large scale artworks for prints to my appartment :) I love the many possibilties you get with vector stock, because you can easily change the color to your liking and in case there is a tiny thing, that doesnt fit your design, you can change the curve of it, so it matches perfectly. Another reason for using stock vector is because it saves time, so you can spend more time being creative :) I hope I stand a chance in the fierce competition

  107. Those pattern packs are looking mighty fine today. Any one would go great with some of my class projects. ;-)

  108. Working as a graphic designer for an email marketing company and being a winner of one of these vector packs would go to great use!

    Everyday we need to design and create flashy, eye catching emails to catch a readers attention in less than 3 seconds and having a program to create beautiful graphics would help us achieve this goal.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. I’ll do AMAZING STUFF with those vectors, graphic design is what i live for, and every designer know how vectors can save your ass now and then..

    I WANT THEM! it’s
    Thursday, 27 November 2008
    23:52:34 / 11:52:3

    so, PHEW, glad i made it :D

  110. Wow, I kind of feel out of my depth when heaps of comments are from people working in the industry! But here goes:

    I would love to win one of these amazing vector packs, as I am only just starting out in Graphic Design, and I start my course in a couple of months, and would love the inspiration!

    Thankyou! :)

  111. Why would i love to be the winner of one of these great vector packs?

    Because it is a great opportunity to see a professional vector pack and learn for them!

    So maybe in the future… a vector pack made by myself will be the prize…

    Thank you!

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