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All the Vintage Design Resources You Could Wish for in One Bundle

Of all the different design styles, the vintage look is the most difficult to pull off, unless you have the right materials. Authenticity is the key when it comes to creating realistic vintage artwork, otherwise you end up with a fake-looking digital knock-off. Nothing replicates the charm and character of the vintage style quite like actual items from the era which have slowly aged and weathered over years upon years to produce the most authentic tools possible. However, you might not have a stack of old papers from the 19th century laying around, which is where The Essential, Eclectic Vintage Toolkit comes in. This collection of premium resources sets you up with a comprehensive range of gorgeous fonts, textures, vector graphics, and vintage ephemera, all sourced from rare items that would be very hard to come by otherwise.

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Find Your New Secret Weapon in This Design Tools Bundle

Create the artistic styles you never knew you were capable of with this new bundle of ready-to-use graphics and professional-grade tools. The Creator’s Diverse Design Collection is a compilation of 20 best-selling products from industry-leading creatives. From hand-drawn fonts, to gorgeous textures/backgrounds, patterns, effects packs, graphics, brushes and so much more. This collection contains everything you need to create fun, tactile, colourful designs that your clients and customers will love. With a huge discount of 97%, it’s a unique opportunity to acquire a range of quality assets that will have a massive impact on your work.

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Learn Some New Skills for 2020 with 40% off Skillshare Premium

The start of a new year is the ideal time to set new goals, improve yourself and become more prosperous! With 40% off Skillshare membership throughout January, and 2 months FREE, this is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills or expand your existing talents with 1000s of online classes. Have you ever wanted to get better at drawing, design or photography? Or do you need some tips on improving your freelancing, marketing or productivity? Learn from industry experts at your own speed through easy-to-digest video courses on a variety of subjects.

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Spoon Graphics Greatest Hits: My Most Popular Posts of 2019

To finish off every year I enjoy taking a moment to look back at my content from the past 12 months to compare how all my articles, tutorials, freebies and videos performed in terms of view counts. This is my greatest hits collection for 2019, broken down into individual top 10 roundups for each category. Did you miss any of these most popular posts? Which one from the list was your favourite? Or was there a particular piece of content you found really useful that didn’t make the cut?

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Pick up Some New Fonts for the New Year with a 99% Discount

Prepare for any design project that you might face in 2020 with a huge upgrade to your font library. This new Versatile Collection for font lovers features a collection of pro-grade typefaces with an incredible 99% discount that reduces the regular $2180 price to just $29. Inside you’ll find 17 premium font-families, all expertly made with numerous weights and styles that add up to hundreds of individual fonts. With such a variety of typeface styles, you will have an extended font library to rely upon throughout the new year and beyond.

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Bring Your Designs to Life with This Bundle of Mockup Templates for Just $29 (99% Off!)

Mockup Templates help bridge the gap between digital artwork and printed products by simulating how your designs would look in the real world, which helps put your work in context. This new All-Encompassing Collection contains templates for all of the stationery items that you can possibly think of, and even large-scale billboards and buses. This bundle also contains a number of extensive scene generators, which allow you to build a whole environment around your designs to present it in the most effective way. With 99% off the total $2694 value, it’s a truly incredible offer at just $29!