Often when post-processing a photograph the aim is to carefully fine tune the levels and colour balance to capture the real life scene, but sometimes it’s worth taking the edits a little further to enhance an image with hyper realistic effects. Applying colour casts, increasing the contrast and adding lighting effects can give an image an intense mood just like we see in magazines or on billboards.

Chris Spooner on his motorcycle

After recently finishing my custom motorcycle project my buddy Ric (Urbanpixels) kindly used his photography skills to take some amazing pics of me and the bike at an old ruined Georgian mansion (see the full collection of shots). Ric did a great job of processing the images from the camera to fine tune the brightness, contrast and color balance, but I fancied playing around to inject a little hyperreality with some moody color casts and epic lens flares to subtly enhance the photo.

Here’s the photo I’ll be working with in this tutorial. It’s a perfect reproduction of the real life scene, but some additional lighting effects would really help bring the bike to life and intensify the mood. Open up your image in Photoshop to follow the step by step process.

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  1. Thanks so much. Your tutorials rock and NICE bike man! :-) You’re one of those amazing people who seem to be good at everything you do!

  2. Colour balance and light effects editing in Photoshop can make a lot of difference to the picture. Magazines often use these techniques to enhance the overall appeal of the pictures featured in their editions. The effects used in this image are easy and great.

  3. Color correction is very important for any photography. sometime we take photo but not perfect according to its background or environment so its really important for do some photoshop work like your given tips to make it more attractive.

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