Last week I shared a free set of rusty logo mockup textures that I collected from an old WW2 era aerodrome. The files included a Smart Object layer which allowed you to paste in your own artwork and have it applied to the surface, with all the fine details of the decay and corrosion also affecting your design to create a realistic mock up. I discovered a few interesting techniques when creating those textures, so in today’s tutorial I’ll explain the whole process of creating an aged weathered logo mockup of your own.

Rusty logo mockup

In this tutorial I’ll show you some handy techniques to realistically mock up a logo onto a textured surface. We’ll be making use of the Channels and Displacement Map features in Photoshop to manipulate the flat digital artwork and seamlessly apply it onto the rough surface for maximum realism.

The whole process begins with a texture photo. I’m using my collection of rusty metal textures as an example, but this technique also works great with grainy wood and other detailed surfaces.

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  1. Absolutely loved the presets with the smart object layer and it’s great to see a full explanation of how you created them.
    I’ve had mixed results with the displace filter and I’m looking forward to following this tutorial and experimenting.

    • The revelation for me was to blur the displacement map slightly. Without the blurring it appears all jaggy and unrealistic

    • There’s no extra tutorials, but you can download source files for tutorials as part of the membership. Check out the Access All Areas overview page for a look at what you can get your hands on. You can browse all the content to make sure there’s something you fancy before signing up.

  2. hey…I feel so awful/odd – I had 2 subscriptions somehow and just unsubscribed from one as it seemed silly to keep getting 2 emails each time.
    DON’T HATE ME!!!!! I still luv you Spoonster

  3. Is there any way to save this tutorial file as I would like to do it at a later date when I have some time. And I’m pretty sure my premium account finishes very soon.

    • This page will be here to stay, so come back to this page when you’re ready.
      Don’t worry if you decide not to continue your premium membership, you can still enjoy the free content like this.

    • I don’t know if I’m violating some copyright law… but this is how I do when finding something worth saving.

      In Safari I click the reader button, then print but instead of clicking the print button I choose save as pdf.

  4. I more than likely will still subscribe, as all the content and resources here at Spoon Graphics are awesome.

  5. Chris – thank you! So fun to follow along. I chose a wood texture that faded my logo out almost too much. Any quick thoughts on what I can do to adjust?

  6. I have always been interested in photo shopping and it’s techniques. And I found this post very intriguing. I’m sure I got pulled in initially because I wanted to change personal pics so I looked way better than in real life, ha. But I have grown since than, I think;).

  7. Everything goes well, till I want to apply the displacement map… I saved it (in .psb), but when I want to choose it, I simply cant… PS dont even sees it in the folder… (Its there, I checked!)
    Anyone knows why?

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