In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to create the face of a cool monkey character with stylised vector line work. Illustrator’s crisp vector paths are perfect for the creation of products such as vinyl cut stickers, so we’ll use the theme of urban sticker art for our design and create an iconic graphic that could be seen on windows and signage in busy city areas.

Vector monkey face

The design we’ll be creating is made of basic shapes and uses a single colour for that stylised appearance. This simple styling not only looks cool, the crisp lines and paths make the design suitable for plotting on a vinyl cutter. So if you fancy decorating your laptop or sticker bombing your home town, let’s take a look at creating an iconic monkey face graphic in Illustrator.

Begin by creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator. The actual dimensions don’t matter so much, it’s more the size of the actual artwork that determines your sticker size, but being vector artwork it can be scaled up or down with no problem later. Draw a circle on the artboard, give it a red stroke and increase the stroke weight to around 18pt.

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  1. Instead of exporting specifically for Corel Draw you could also save your work as SVG wich is available since CS4. This would also give you the pleasure of using it as it is on the web ;).

  2. Chris, your tutorials are always so detailed. Even though this is a simple vector illustration, you really break it down, instead of assuming someone is already a pro with Illustrator (I’m included in that, I’m still not that great with Illustrator, even though I’ve used it in a few college classes. I’m more used to Photoshop.)

    Thanks once again for monkey goodness!

  3. Excellent tutorial nice explain so very easy to follow step by step. This tutorial is very much helpful for the beginner.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Great post – simple, easy and effective. Never get tired of perfect symmetry – excluding the hair of course ;)

  5. i cant get the joining of the eyes to be pointed. there is a flat end…how do i get rid of that?

    • I couldn´t get the joining of the eyes to be pointed also, please heelp. Thanks for this great tutorial

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