Low poly art would usually be made with 3D applications such as Cinema 4D to build three dimensional models, but we can create similar styles in two dimensions directly in Illustrator. Follow this tutorial to create a cool low poly mountain illustration using vector paths. We’ll add gradients to simulate a 3D effect then take the design into Photoshop to polish it up with cool textures.

Low poly mountain illustration

Here’s the final artwork we’ll be creating. The polygonal mountain will be created using Illustrator’s accurate vector tools then brought into Photoshop for some texturing to really bring it to life.

Create a new Illustrator document and draw a rough mountain outline using the Pen tool. Make single clicks to generate straight lines between each point and follow a curved path for the bottom edge to help with its 3D appearance later.

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  1. When using the “Divide” option with the pathfinder, is there any way to avoid adding extra lines to the shape?

  2. Chris, as always – another awesome tutorial. I love this type of artwork, but previously only did it with construction paper :P

    I’m getting better with Illustrator thanks to stuff like this!

  3. Hey Chris,

    Thank you so much for sharing an awesome tutorial, I’ve used this technique and made some really amazing graphics.

  4. You’ve lost touch with modern design Chris, your recent tutorials are laughable..

    Thats not a low poly design, it’s a poor imitation.

    • Mike’s tutorials and design portfolio blow everyone out of the water. Follow him to victory.

      P.S. Awesome tut, Chris. Thanks!

      • While I do not agree with the tone, the man has a solid point. This is shite. Shading is inconsistent, the spray paint doesn’t add anything and the end result is not low-poly, it’s just something that wants to fit in with the cool kids but fails to do so.

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