The flat style has been immensely popular in the web design scene, but it’s also a fun illustration style that results in cool abstract artwork which is perfect for infographics, icons or even branding. In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to create a vector space scene and planet in Adobe Illustrator, using its powerful shape building tools to easily create the trendy effects used by Illustrators.

How To Create a Flat Style Vector Planet in Illustrator

The artwork we’ll be creating in this tutorial features a simple space scene with planets, stars and a moon all illustrated in a flat style with bright colours. The rounded lines that produce the basic shading on the planets is a really popular effect used by Illustrators who have adopted this stylised flat vector look.

Begin by creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator. Draw a rectangle to cover the entire artboard to produce a background for the design. Give this rectangle a dark blue fill (#1e1e3a) by double clicking the fill box at the bottom of the toolbar.

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  1. I like how you use the Shape Builder tool, as well as the techniques to create the stars and make them vary in size. I really love reading and watching tutorials about flat design and illustrations!

  2. Hi Chris,
    love your blog. I was trying to get through this excellent tutorial but I have two problems with the round corner effect (CS6).
    1. Instead of producing a rounded path I get a nicely rounded area but within the rectangular path. Thus it produces little white corners when I try the Shape builder tool with the circle below.

    2. When I clip the extending lines of the overlay away it does not give me a nicely round and globe-shaped left half of the “planet”. Instead, the Round Corner effect tries to also round the corners between the new anker points making the shape rather elliptic than perfectly round.

    Any ideas?!

    • The Shape Builder has totally changed how I create stuff in Illustrator. I don’t actually know how long it’s been in the program but I always just used the Pathfinder too

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