In today’s tutorial I’m going to take you through the step by step process I used to create a dark outer space themed poster named Lunar. The artwork combines textures and vector geometric elements to produce an intense layout showing off the beauty of the moon with high tech sci-fi style markings. We’ll be using both Photoshop and Illustrator to make the most of their different capabilities and combine the two different types of artwork into one cool design.

Lunar poster design

The design we’ll be creating uses a mix of heavy grainy textures and clear sharp vector elements to produce a cold dark poster based on the moon. We’ll use Illustrator’s powerful shape tools to easily create a series of intricate geometric elements which we’ll paste over to Photoshop in order to assemble the complete artwork.

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  1. Im having a problem pasting the triangles into photoshop. Its asking me how i want to paste them… as a path, pixels, smart object, or shape layer. Which do i choose?

  2. Es fantástico esto que has hecho. Como mi inglés es malo intentaré hacerlo y traduciendo porque me gusta mucho este trabajo. Gracias por compartirlo

  3. This is fantastic! Im trying to walk through this tuorial now, but i got to the 3D illustrator part, the option “expand” is greyed out, i tried “expand appearance” and that gives me the option to hit “expand” but when i do that the option “object” is unavailable. Any idea what im doing wrong? Thanks!

    • Expand Appearance will work just fine.

      By the Object option is unavailable, do you mean the menu items below are greyed out (ie. Transform, Arrange, etc.)?

      If that’s the case, you probably just deselected the Path (or Group, if it’s already Expanded). In Illustrator, clicking on the Artboard will deselect your selection.

      The easiest way to tell if a path is selected is to open up the Layer panel. If you see a colored square next to the little circle ( | o #), it’s selected. If it’s not, just click on the little circle to select it.

      Does that help?

  4. Thank you Chris! Im rebranding and have been trying to figure out how to do this effect for a while. Really appreciate it. I tweeted it out :)

  5. Love how your techniques are so easy to follow :) the ctrl + i didn’t work for me but I used the saturation and worked fine

  6. Very nice tutorial, thanks! I got some pretty neat results by playing around with the color mode for the blue bits, and trying out various different shapes.

  7. Thanks Chris! As a budding designer, there are lots of things that I haven’t thought of using. I would have never done the triangle and circular patterns. I hadn’t copied and pasted from illustrator and inverted the color. I learned a lot from this tutorial plus it looks great! It gave me a sense of accomplishment and a brief moment of happiness.

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