I’ve been having some fun lately creating logo emblems in an abstract design style based on the house sigils from Game of Thrones. This particular style where a subject is simplified and replicated with just straight lines results in cool stylized graphics which make fantastic logo designs. In today’s Illustrator tutorial I’m going to share my process of creating this abstract illustration style to help you create geometric line art of your own.

Game of Thrones House Sigils

The designs I’ve been creating are these abstract takes on the various house sigils from Game of Thrones. Each one is created using only straight lines to create a stylised polygonal appearance which provides consistency throughout the series despite each sigil featuring a completely different animal. I’ll be explaining how to create the Baratheon stag, but the same design process is used to create any subject in this style.

Open up Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. We need to make use of the built in grid tool to give our illustrations a consistent structure. Go to View and select Show Grid, then make sure the Snap to Grid option is also enabled.

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  1. Instead of redrawing the outline for a thicker outer stroke, try this:

    (1) Cmd+A to select all.
    (2) Cmd+C to copy.
    (3) Cmd+B to paste in back.
    (4) In the Pathfinder window, click “Union”.
    (5) Adjust the stroke width & miter limit as described.

    Much faster and less error-prone!

  2. Beautiful, and it works perfectly with the typeface.. Anyone knows where can I find it to buy it? I just fell in love with it…

  3. Thanks for another great tutorial. I set about following it before using the tips to create my own animal head.

    I don’t often use Illustrator but I couldn’t pass this up.

  4. This is an awesome tutorial, even great for beginners in illustrator like me. Thanks for this.

  5. a great and crative tutorial man!
    thank for sharing wonderful tutorial, this is a awesome tutorial !!!

  6. Great tutorial/inspiration!

    I have a n0ob question for anyone who can answer though – when working with the pen tool my lines never meet up where they visually should.

    *Example* In the snout area under the triangular nose (where the vertical line is) the line always bounces either left or right of the triangle’s vertex. I’d like for the lines to meet but can’t manage this! It’s driving me insane!

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