The multi-faceted and polygonal logo design style still seem to be really popular, especially with brands in the tech and digital industries. These logo designs are often quite detailed with lots of gradient colours and shading that gives the graphic an icon-like appearance. Follow along with today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a stylised gemstone logo graphic in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll use a range of tools to produce the design in vector format, resulting in a crisp design that could form the basis of a modern brand identity.

How To Create a Faceted Gemstone Logo Graphic in Adobe Illustrator

Typically logo design projects would begin with brainstorming to develop a concept that represents a particular brand, but we’ll jump straight to the fun stage of creating the artwork in this tutorial. The design features an abstract shape that is made up of numerous facets, each with a different shade of green. The addition of gradient shading helps add depth to the colours to give the icon the appearance of a shiny crystal.

Gemstone logo mockup

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  1. It might be helpful (for some) to note that your file needs to be set to RGB color mode. Otherwise, the Soft Light blending mode doesn’t work. Mine is set to CMYK (as a print designer mostly) by default and I was a bit stumped why it wasn’t working.

  2. Hello! This is great! Except I’m struggling with the gradient tool… The colors don’t seem to change the way they look in your picture. Any suggestions?

  3. WOW thank you so much for this! I am a self-taught designer, just dipping my toe into AI, and my jaw literally dropped when you explained how to make those blend colors. Such an amazing tool that I never would have known existed!

  4. Great tutorial and a really nice effect. I just thought I’d add that there are scripts around the web that can randomise the angle of the gradient layers, which saves a bit of time.

  5. Thank you for such a great article on how to create Gemstone Logo in Illustrator. Just discovered your site and I am going through all the tutorials , they all really helpful for designers using Illlustrator on a regular basis.

  6. Don’t you have the habit of using the Appearance panel to make different “layers” of fills? In this case, you wouldn’t need to duplicate all the shapes, you could make a new fill and make the soft light gradient above the solid fill.

    • Funnily enough I actually wrote a tutorial where I showed how to apply different Fills using the Appearance panel, but my old habits are so ingrained I didn’t even think about using the Appearance panel this time!

  7. Hey spooner, I signed up to your news letter but I have never got my 100+ bundle. I don’t know if its a technical issue.
    I actually follow a lot of you tutorials. Double exposure, speed freak, the glitch, customizing type ‘Hustle’ . hoping to hear from you.

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