My number one most popular tutorial from last year described the process of creating a trendy retro cityscape in Photoshop. I’ve noticed the retro and vintage styles are still in vogue, so today let’s take a look at creating another design that captures the abstract theme of old album art. Follow this step by step Photoshop tutorial to manipulate a landscape photo with various color adjustments and lay out a typographic quote to create a retro style landscape design.

Abstract retro landscape design

The design we’ll be creating is based on the theme of a mountain and uses a landscape photo to create an abstract layout that would work perfectly as a retro style album cover. Clippings of the original photo are used to make up the layout of the design, then a range of color adjustments and textures are added to give the artwork that classic retro style.

View the final abstract retro landscape design

The whole design relies on a landscape photo of some kind. The photo I picked out is a scenic mountain view from Shutterstock. Download the Super sized version and crop the photo into a square format to capture the main mountain peak.

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  1. Another great tutorial. It always amazes me the lengths you go to to explain what you do. So thank you.

  2. Hi, can anyone help. I’ve got all the way to the last step and got stuck. I’ve selected my text but the ‘create layer mask’ icon is greyed out on the layers panel so I can’t clip the background to the text. Up til then, so far so good.

    Any advice appreciated, thanks, Laura

    • Hi Laura,

      Before creating the layer mask you should be sure to have the cropped background layer selected because if no layer is selected the layer mask cannot be created.

      • Thank you Olivier, I’ve just tried it and your advice worked. Many thanks, Laura :)

  3. It’s a GIFT, thank you ! I love so much vintage design and obviously this tutorial is clear and pleasant.

  4. Thanks for another great tutorial, I loved the last one with the Go Kart Race, I actually did it and put my own spin on it. I can’t wait to try this one! Thanks Again

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