Access All Areas members are being treated to something really cool this week from Matt Borchert. The Rough Edges Automator is a fantastic time saving tool that allows you to instantly rough up your artwork to achieve everything from subtle print effects to years of erosion and decay. The Action has a range of settings to provide the best result, but most importantly all the modifications are non-destructive, meaning your original artwork will be preserved.

Matt Borchert

Matt Borchert creates a wide variety of graphic design and illustration resources for his Creative Market store. His range of fantastic products allow you to add quality texturing effects to your artwork, and some of his vintage texture packs even come with cool bonus items such as Photoshop Brushes and Actions. Access All Areas members have already had a taste of Matt’s work thanks to his previous donations of a premium texture pack and vintage etchings pack.

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Rough Edges Automator for Members

Rough Edges Automator

Access All Areas members are being treated to more excellent resources from Matt Borchert. The Rough Edges Automator is a popular product from Matt’s store that makes it super easy to achieve the popular aged effect with your artwork. Choose from a range of settings, including Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra & Nuclear to find the best amount of distortion for your document. This subtle effect really finishes off designs based on the retro or vintage style, giving them an extra level of authenticity as if they had been screen printed by hand.

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