In this week’s bunch of creative web findings, we have a handy roundup of how-to’s on styling lists with CSS; a great Illustrator tutorial for creating mascots; a fab advertising design showcase; an excellent tutorial for creating a detailed icon; and advice from top designers on how blogging can help your business.

Dev Snippets

Dev Snippets

Dev Snippets have put together this handy list of tutorials and best practices for converting the good old HTML list into some crazy and unique uses, all through a little CSS.



Scott Jackson has written an extensive tutorial for VectorTuts+ covering the process of designing a website mascot in Adobe Illustrator. Plus, offers the complete design as a free download.


Feed yourself with some design inspiration with this advertising design showcase from, featuring a range of design styles and graphics that leap from the screen and smack you right in the eyeballs.



I recently posted an article rounding up the best icon tutorials, since then this fantastic tutorial appeared on Tutorial9. It’s a shame it wasn’t including in the original post, so head over and follow the steps in Adobe Photoshop to create a stylish mail icon.

The Creative Lab

The Creative Lab

A bunch of designers, including myself offered some words and experiences on how blogging can help your business. Check out this post on The Creative Lab to hear my thoughts along with some cool people from the industry.

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    just wanna say thanks for the blogging can help your business article..

    been thinking about starting my own design shop and there’s some really helpful tips in the article and site in general.. keep up the good work and all the best for you..


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