In this week’s roundup of creative goodness, we have a collection of useful iPad apps for designers, a stunning digital art tutorial, a compilation of fresh Illustrator tutorials, a Photoshop icon design tutorial and a detailed illustration walkthrough.

Spyre Studios

Are you one of the lucky people to have got your hands on the iPad? Here’s a roundup of useful iPad apps for designers, developers and creative types from Spyre Studios.

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Design Instruct

Follow this photomanipulation tutorial from Design Instruct to produce a dark and surreal digital art piece.

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Check out the latest in Adobe Illustrator tutorials in this roundup of fresh articles from YouTheDesigner. There’s a good handfull of tutorials here that I hadn’t come across before.

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Follow this detailed tutorial from PSDTuts to produce a stunningly realistic icon style camera graphic.

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The second digital art themed post this week is a walkthrough by Mike Speero on Abduzeedo. See how one of Mike’s awesome pieces was created using various Photoshop based techniques.

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