In this week’s roundup of creative goodness, we have a vibrant vector illustration tutorial, a quick retro photo effect tip in Photoshop, a clever shading technique for your illustrations, a tutorial for creating a hand drawn poster design and a Photoshop icon design tutorial.


Follow this Illustrator tutorial from Vectortuts to create a vector jar illustration with vibrant colouring and clever glass effects.

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This Photoshop quick tip from Abduzeedo takes you through the process of adding light leaks to your photography for that retro film effect.

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This post from talented illustrator Martin Ansin shows the shading process of a vector Spiderman illustration. Martin uses a clever shading technique which emulates the halftone and hatching effects used in comic book art.

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Design Instruct

This recent tutorial from Design Instruct describes how to create a grungy festival poster in Adobe Illustrator, using a range of cool hand drawn elements.

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PsAwesome host this fantastic Photoshop icon design tutorial, which shows the step by step process of creating a microchip icon. Use a grid to build the basic shape, then transform the shape into a three dimensional isometric design.

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  1. Haven’t found the best tutorial site yet, but would love to see some more on here, especially for creating Photoshop styles. I can’t seem to do them.

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