It’s time for a little roundup of some of my favourite finding for the past week or so, with mostly illustration based topics this time including interesting articles from VectorTuts, Inspiredology, Abduzeedo and KHulsey.

VectorTuts always pull out some great vector based tutorials, this topic in particular is extrememely useful for beginners to the application. The Comprehensive Guide to Illustrator’s Pen Tool gives a fantastic introduction into one of Illustrator’s most important tools, one that can be quite tricky to get the hang of! By mastering The Art of Pen you’ll soon be on your way to creating some intricate vector artwork.

Chad Mueller’s blog Inspiredology is a great resources for design inspiration with many galleries of web and graphic design related imagery. One of the latest posts, Cooler Business Cards is an epic list of intriguing and unique business card designs.

I always enjoy reading designer interviews, a recent post on Abduzeedo was an interview with Tom Lane from Ginger Monkey. Not only do you gain an insight into the workings of such as talented illustrator and designer but also get to see some examples of his amazing work. With plenty of intricate vector swirls I’m sure it will be appreciated by Blog.SpoonGraphics readers!

Finally, a finding I came across during a random Google search. We often see plenty of examples of the modern uses of Illustrator, using it to create quite abstract vector art, this walkthrough from Kevin Hulsey however takes us back to one of the original intentions of Adobe Illustrator; creating technical illustrations. Kevin’s examples include an awe inspiring creation of a cutaway cruise ship illustration with some extremely impressive detail, some stats such as a 9 hour export time just show the amount of effort that goes into such work.

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  1. Chris, nice list, as always. That last link was interesting. I had a little Illustrator envy when I went to that page. Can you imagine how long those drawings take?

  2. Good list, Chris. Re Vectortuts: back when I was learning Illustrator my big “aha” moment was when I got to understanding the pen tool.
    I’ve seen Kevin Hulsey’s site before as well, and marvelled at the technical skill and detail which goes into his work.

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