Over the past year I’ve been spreading the word about the awesome deals from Design Cuts. Their offers slash hundreds of dollars off quality design resources, with discounts always being upwards of 90%. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve received emails from my readers and subscribers who got the message too late and missed out on a deal. If you are one of those people, today is your lucky day! To celebrate their 1st birthday, Design Cuts are re-running all of their most popular deals from the past year.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The premium fonts bundles seemed to be the most popular with you guys, so here’s a second chance to check them out again.

5 font bundles. 77 fonts. $3412 saving!

This is the ultimate Pick ‘N’ Mix for font lovers. Originally these offers were run individually, but now you can browse them all at once and select the ones you like the most.

The 30 Best-Selling Creative Fonts Bundle

Creative Fonts Bundle

The Creative Fonts Bundle was the biggest fonts collection Design Cuts ever offered. It contained 30 best selling fonts with web fonts and extended licensing for 97% off. If you grab just one deal from their birthday special, make sure it’s this one!

Grab this deal now!

The Inspirational Font Collection

Inspirational Fonts Bundle

The Inspirational Font Collection contains two fonts that I regularly use in my own artwork. As a result I’m often asked what the font is called. If you recognise Butcher Block or Porter Sans Ink from my designs you might want to grab this particular bundle.

Grab this deal now!

The Massive Artistic Font Bundle

Artisitic Fonts Bundle

The Artistic Font Bundle is a must have for designers who love the hand crafted look. It’s full of fonts that either have a brushed, illustrated or inked appearance. This is another bundle that contains a couple of my most-used fonts; Skumfuk and Eveleth.

Grab this deal now!

The Monster Creative Font Bundle

Monster Creative Fonts Bundle

The Monster Creative Font Bundle contains many of my personal go-to typefaces. I’ve used Microbrew, Amorie, Daft Brush, Thirsty Rough, Gist and Brush Up in loads of designs.

Grab this deal now!

The Huge Creative Font Bundle

Huge Creative Fonts Bundle

The Huge Creative Font Bundle contains some really versatile fonts. Each one is packed full of varying weights, styles and bonus items to give you ultimate typographic control. Oh, and don’t forget about the included web font versions AND extended licensing!

Grab this deal now!

Spoilt for choice? Why not treat yourself and grab them all?!

All Design Cuts Fonts Bundles

$154 is an unheard price for 77 unique fonts, particularly as these fonts are all best-sellers, and hugely popular even at full price. Not only that, but they all come with extended licensing so that you can use them in any design project and in items you intend to sell. Most of these fonts don’t have this license available anywhere else, and so even if you own a few of these fonts already, these bundles are worth it for the license alone! Why not take this opportunity to build an epic fonts
library by buying all the font bundles Design Cuts have on offer? This is absolutely the best offer you’re ever going to see on fonts.

Remember, if you purchased any of these packs when they were first released you may already own some of these items. However, this is a great opportunity to expand your collection or grab the ultimate bargain if you missed out the first time.

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  1. Best deal, the extended licensing is great as you mostly run into licensing problems when buying font bundles. Thanks.

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