I know my readers love a good fonts bundle, so I’m excited to share the news about the latest deal from Design Cuts. This collection of 16 professional quality, hugely versatile font families contains typefaces from some of the top font foundries for just $29 after the huge 98% discount. That’s a saving of over $1500! This bundle was made with direct feedback from the community, so it contains the best fonts designers like you and me have asked for. This means there’s a large variety of clean/corporate fonts, calligraphic/script fonts, and vintage/retro fonts to provide the perfect font for all your design projects for years to come.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The Complete Eclectic Font Collection

Here are all the figures you need to know: 16 incredible typefaces; 236 individual fonts; $1587 total value; 98% discount; you only pay $29; expires in 12 days! This bundle focuses on quality and has been negotiated with some of the most talented designers and type foundries who have supplied their best fonts for the collection. A single font family of this calibre usually sells for hundreds of dollars when you factor in the extended licensing and web fonts. I always get asked what fonts I used in my designs. Almost every time it’s a font I picked up from a previous Design Cuts deal, so you can expect to see some of these new typefaces appearing in my work in the near future!

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