Do you need some new fonts? Of course you do! This new Essential, Versatile Font Collection contains 16 pro-grade font families featuring a total of 253 individual fonts, reduced by a massive 98% discount to just $29 for a limited time only. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your font library with a range of new typefaces that you can call upon in your design projects for years to come. There’s a variety of font styles included, which makes the collection extremely versatile, providing you with a suitable type choice for whatever design challenge you might face.

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The Essential, Versatile Font Collection

The Essential, Versatile Font Collection focuses on quality over quantity with every font being of the highest quality from some of the world’s top type foundries. Every typeface features a comprehensive range of styles and weights. The Brilk font family alone contains 40 individual fonts! Many of the fonts also include bonus/extras packs, containing additional creative resources. Check out this overview, then pick up the entire collection for just $29 before the deal expires.

Buy The Essential, Versatile Font Collection for $29


Fullbloom Font Duo

Absolute Beauty

Lumios Marker



Isidora Soft


TT Rounds


Northwoods Rough




BW Aleta

Pulp Display

Buy The Essential, Versatile Font Collection for $29

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  1. Tried 3 times to download “16 Versatile Font Families” but no return email. (Yes I checked “junk” and “spam” folders.)

    • It sounds like you’re following the process to subscribe to my mailing list. This fonts bundle is on sale over at Design Cuts. Click any of the images or the button links to be taken straight to the sale page.

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