In this week’s question time I talk about how you can find new clients on the Internet; what the best application is for designing logos; whether I’m right or left handed; if there’s still room for new designers in this saturated industry; and why I don’t make video tutorials.

This week’s questions

  • I am finding it hard getting myself out there too the local public. I’ve tried finding clients via the internet but it is far too competitive. How can I help myself?
  • What would be the best program for logo design? Illustrator vs Photoshop or others?
  • Hey Chris! I always wondered if you were left or right handed?
  • Would you say there’s room for new graphic designers in the business? With the vast amount of designers out there, I do worry that maybe there isn’t ‘room’ to get noticed anymore. What is your opinion?
  • Hey yo! I like all your art work and tutorials. It is so cool man, can you make video tutorials? PLZZZZ

Interesting links

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Design a Print-Ready Retro Business Card

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  1. This is once again, a majority of the questions I was asking myself! accept.. Left Handers all the way!!! Thanks again Chris!

  2. Thanks Chris. Your posts are always so interesting. If I had more spare time, I could spend hours reading your site!

  3. Hey, It’s cool to see videos on this now.
    The advice you gave for the saturation of the markets is quite inspiring. I even like the way you mentioned that social networking allows to reach further and that only a bit of your client list is local. That for many people, including myself can be a bit of a concern. Cheers for that.

    PS. “Be a social whore, be a social whore like me.” – Favourite quote :)

  4. Of course! Video tutorials are not good rather than text tutorials. Text tutorials are compatible globally. Especially for someone who can’t speak English proficiently! (like me, i’m from Asia)

  5. Quickly becoming my favourite web design blog!

    These question and answer videos are a stroke of genius… :o)

  6. I am webmaster of service base website. I want to start web design course to learn more and stay strong in this competitive market. So, what you suggest me? Can I go forward with my web design course or not?

  7. Not only left handed, but left headed as well. Chris my boy, seeing as your left lobe is mighty heavier than your right one and your head tilting consistently to the left- make sure to think some righty thoughts, or maybe strengthen the trapezius ;)

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