It’s that time of year again, the time when Blog.SpoonGraphics gets another year older. Last year I created a special commemorative poster, unfortunately this time I forgot all about it, but I did spend basically a whole afternoon this week recording a little video where I look back at the history and growth of B.SG.

I had no end of technical difficulties, as explained at the start of the video, so please be patient when the video freezes – It was the only way I could re-sync up the audio and video. I hope you enjoy nevertheless.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has visited, subscribed, commented and voted over the past four years. Without you guys I wouldn’t be in the position I am now with my design career, so thanks again. It’s really appreciated.

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  1. i m big fan of your art work…..i m glad…..that this….website getting…older……and man u really post good work…..

  2. Congrats, dude..

    I wish you (and your blog) prosperity. And nice video above. I like it because you talk about past and the beginning of “yet another” popular design blog. It’s great because people like me, who just began to follow your blog, now can watch and understood that every blog begins with first post, and if the first post is a high quality, they can expect only good from that blog.

    And, Congrats again.

  3. Excelente video!!! Happy birthday for this magnific website, I think one of the must cerative and complete.

    Keep the good work and hope you get to 20…

  4. Keep the good work.
    this is the third annivesary I’ve seen here so, I think you’ve grown more than many other blogs of your time.

    Hope you get to 20

  5. Chris i really love your tutorials… i have learn so much with you, thank you.. and crongrats…

  6. Hey Spooner,
    Just saw your website and am really loving the contents on it. Trying to learn how to design with Adobe Illustrator and was thinking if you could help me with tutorials on the basic

  7. Hey Chris! Happy Blog-iversary! You’re blog is seriously amazing and has helped SO much! Thank you and keep up the terrific work! :D

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