This week I’m trying something a little different in place of the usual Weekly Faves roundup. It’s a ‘totally original’ idea that’s ‘never been done before’ (yeah, right!) – You ask a question, and I answer it! This week I run through a few commonly asked questions, such as how I got started in the design industry, and some not-so-common questions.

This week’s questions

  • How did you get started in the design industry?
  • How do you create the subtle textures used in your website designs?
  • What’s your favourite movie?
  • What equipment do you use?
  • If you were a superhero, which superhero would you be?

Links mentioned in this week’s News

Inspiration: Colorful and Vivid Logos

Creating a Stylish Blog Design Layout in Photoshop

Coding a Stylish Blog Design Layout in HTML & CSS

My question for you this week

What do you think of this new video series?

Feel free to ask a question of your own, either as a comment or as a video response on YouTube.

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  1. Awesome. I really enjoyed watching this (in a heterosexual way, that is!), looking forward to more videos.

    I’ve noticed that quite a few designers out there use MacBooks, iMacs etc. Why is that, are they just so much better than a Windows-based system? Or what is the deal here? :P

    Also, gotta love those News-section graphics! Keep it up! :)

    • Mac OS X is just a lot quicker and simpler than Windows – everything runs much more smoothly. My old windows laptop use to crash at least once a day from doing too much on it, so I replaced it with an iMac and it never ever crashed (this was over a year ago). Since I have sold it and replaced it with a MacBook Pro and cinema display, the same as what Chris showed in his video! Excellent set-up! :-)

      • Ok, thanks for clearing that out! :) Of course that is case-sensitive, not all Windows-systems tend to crash that much (I’ve got no problem with mine). :P

      • The mac osx was faster until windows 7 came out windows 7 now runs faster ten the mac osx

  2. Cool stuff Chris, thanks for the insight! Sound like i’m on a similar path to you, went to college to do a HND in multimedia design and now currently away to go into my 4th year of uni!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Brilliant Chris! Looking forward to the next episode already!
    One question I’d like to ask you is ‘How do you fuel your creativity?’ This would include your ability to come up with unique design ideas and maybe some of the resources you look at. I know it’s a massive question to be summed up into a short answer but it would be interesting to know. Thanks! :-)

  4. Nice work Chris I think this could catch on, I’ve always enjoyed your vlogs so it would be nice to see them as a new feature :)

    My question to you is;

    Who is your favourite Batman Villain?

  5. A really nice, new, fresh idea Chris. Makes a great change to the norm and look forward to seeing more. The ‘ask the designer’ idea is really good and also find interesting the ‘how to do’ tips and tricks with audio and visual feedback. More of that please.

    Question – Where/how do you find clients looking for branding (logo design etc), as opposed to website designs? Recommended paths to source?

  6. How often do you trim your eyebrows…?

    Just kidding, this is an excellent idea and thank you for doing it!


  7. You know what, sometimes I wonder if there’s just a Q&A section in web designing site that I found, it will be very much helping me as a beginner. And finally you made it Chris I love you!

  8. Loved it, definitely do more like this again!

    I have a question for you:

    As a fellow design blogger (but not quite so well known), it’d be interesting to know some info about your site(s) traffic. Where did the majority of your early traffic come from, and does it still come from the same places today? Is it on auto-run, or do you still try your hardest to promote your posts?

  9. Thanks for posting this video, what camera did you use to record this and your other videos?

    also can you show us your work flow? :P

  10. Great idea Chris! This is an awesome way to allow your fans to interact and learn from you. I guess a lot of other designers will be copying this idea in the future.

    I’d like to ask the question, Who have been your inspirations in terms of web design as you’ve grown as a design?

    Thanks Chris!

  11. Great idea Chris, I love to see other peoples workspaces, gives me ideas for mine. I’m already thinking about ordering that elevator, saves the neck I would imagine. Looking forward to viewing more of these.

  12. Great job Chris! I really enjoyed watching these and hearing your questions. I always like it when people actually take the time to answer questions from their readers. I really liked the format of the video. And the magical color changing T-Shirt was pretty sweet too ;)

  13. Really lovin’ the new idea to post Q&A videos.

    I’ve only got two questions for you: 1) When designing a website, logo,… do you always start with some sketches on paper? 2) If I see your work, you use beautiful color palettes and I’m wondering if you make them self or do you get them from Colourlovers (like I do)?

  14. Merhaba sevgili arkadaşlar bu güzel yazıda sizlere yusuf güney dinle blogumu tanıtmak için yorum bırakıyorum.Haydi kalın sağlıcakla ve kendinize iyi bakın olurmu

  15. Thanks for the kind comments everyone, and of course the questions for the next episode! I’ll be picking them out and blabbering on about the subjects on camera soon.

  16. Hi Chris. I like it :o) Good content and just the right length IMHO. I see you’ve had quite a few good questions since to keep you going, so I won’t add one this week but look forward to next week’s answers. Good stuff. Simon

  17. Awesome video Chris. I also like how your shirt magically changes colour three times haha!

  18. Hi Chris, great idea! Looking forward to more episodes.

    My question:

    As somebody looking to leave agency work behind and go into home based freelancing, what differences should I expect there to be in the way which I communicate with clients? Without an office, what measures should I take to win the clients trust and dedication to the project?


  19. This is so great! I really enjoyed the video. You made us really closer to you, dude! I would love to see the next episode. :)

    by the way, what’s your inspiration in making your designs?

    thanks. :)

  20. Wow, amazing video! I liked the questions about how did you get started in design and what equipment do you use. Nice office, by the way! :)
    I really would like to see more videos like this one. :)

  21. Hello,i’m siena,i am a chinese student ,i am learning,can you tell me:During the period of school how should I learn to improve their writing ability, so as to make good work? Thank you.

  22. Hi Chris, this is a great video, thank you.

    I am a Mediadesigner in training for 3 years (first year is over now :-), I hope this is right in english if not, in german it calls Mediengestalter Ausbildung. So I would like to go freelancing after this training and really don’t know how to start or how to get more clients, I have now (just 4 clients) do you have some magical recipes how to get more?

  23. Hey Chris,

    I’m only 15, and I’m considering taking A Levels/Going to University for Graphic/Web Design. Did you go to University to study Graphic Design or whatever? I’m just looking for some guidance to see if it would be a good choice for me to go into.

  24. Hi Chris,
    I’ve noticed that Mac users always has their photoshop work area customised with an image. How about Windows users? Are they able to do so too? I know the work area can be customise with different colours(besides the dull gray), but what abt images?
    It’ll be great if you can answer my question! Thanks :) Appreciate your effort for the videos! :)

  25. Chris would not be Batman, he would be T-Flash, the superhero who changes his T-shirt as fast as Flash :)

  26. I think more questions being answered is a good thing it will definitely increase the amount of people who like to be on your site

  27. Hey. Chris. Great vid. We all appriciate the time that you give to your fans and followers. A question on future trends for you as im personally stuck at a crossroads.
    Should I concentrate my skills more on JQuery or get learning the HTML5 Canvas tag? Help :-(

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