Last week I introduced my new little Question Time video series. This week I run through a bunch of viewer submitted questions, including why designers use Macs, how I find my clients, how often I trim my eyebrows and what camera I use to record these things.

This week’s questions

  • Why do designers tend to use Macs over Windows PCs?
  • How do you find your clients?
  • How often do you trim your eyebrows?
  • What camera do you use?
  • What differences are there when communicating with clients in agency work to self employment?

Links mentioned in this week’s news

Getting Carried Away with Balloon Lettering

35 of the Best Facebook Fan Pages

A Guide to Popular Printing Techniques

Thanks to everyone who submitted their kind comments and questions on the last video. I only pick out a hand full to answer to keep the videos short, so if I didn’t pick yours this time, feel free to submit it again or post it on YouTube and I’ll hopefully provide a good answer in an upcoming episode.

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  1. How do/did you deal with clients’ needs vs your technical skills or lack thereof? e.g. do you charge less for a job for which you have to learn new skills because it might take longer to complete?

  2. Dude, you answered my eyebrow trimming question! That was funny…
    Seriously though, thanks for the time to make these videos we really appreciate it.

  3. Question Time part 2 = Thumbs up.

    Interesting to hear that you gain clients simply through your blogs! Just goes to show the power of these things nowadays. Makes me realise that these things can’t be neglected.

    A couple of questions:
    Q: How many hours a week do you work?
    Q: Who’s your favourite author, and which of their books is, in your opinion, the best?

    Keep up the good work :-)

  4. Another great vid Chris. My question for next week:

    Q: How much time do you spend each week divided between client work and blog stuff?


  5. Amazing video series so far, keep it coming! I just had to comment and say how funny I found your use of technology, using the iSight on your MacBook Pro to show the camera you were using to record it. Who needs mirrors?!

  6. Hello Chris, this is an interesting series so far! :)

    My question for you is, who are your biggest design influences, past or present? :)

    Looking forward to some more videos like this :D

  7. Great post! And nice specs :)
    With everything you do, when do you ever find time to sleep?
    looking forward to episode3!

  8. Nice vid. One question and one request. Could you make the vid a bit shorter and what tools or companies to you use for printing and outlet media?

  9. Nice little series going on! Love it!

    My question is, as someone coming from school into the industry, how important is say a degree in web design when compared to a well developed portfolio? Is it about showing your grades, or your skill?

  10. Nice Video Chris! i have a question for you:
    What kind of collections of brushes do you have and how do you organize them (i.e. do you split them according to categories like grunge….etc)?

  11. Do you work when you’re sick? When I’ve got deadlines and I get hit with a nasty flu or very recently strep throat, I am still pressured to finish up on time but I can’t afford to expand the energy I should be using to rest. Do you have any suggestions?

  12. Hi Chris,

    Nice video you got over here!
    But I have some challenges for you to think about:

    Q: How to become a good logo designer?
    Q: Where you get you’re inspiration from?
    Q: How’s your dog? :D

    Thanks Mate

  13. Love the movie-question-concept. :)

    My Question:
    How do you check if your websites are cross-browser proof? Do you make use of websites or do you manually check it in every browser?

    :D Adrian :D

  14. Before Windows 7 came out a big reason for designers to use macs was because a mac with 4g of ram all ways ran faster then a pc with 4g or ram because of how the operating system worked. Now Windows 7 tops mac osx and the latest mac operating systems. So its possible some designers start to switch over to Windows 7

  15. hi, I am a beginner of Dreamweaver, I am really interested in ur website, and I was wandering ” what is the size you use for this website??” I mean I used 1024px X 620px….I don’t know if it the right size. sorry this is a really basic and idiot question.thanx

  16. Great video Chris.
    On the Mac vs PC question, I’d like to offer the idea that most graphic designers are sheep and as most graphic designers use Macs, most Graphic Designers use Macs :)

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