A great opportunity to give your font library a major upgrade has just arisen, which will save you thousands of dollars on some high quality typefaces, including some recognisable classics! This new Professional Font Selection from Design Cuts contains a total of 271 fonts between 17 font families, each selected for its class and professionalism. Acquire the URW foundry’s recreation of the famous Bodoni typeface, along with a well balanced selection of serifs, sans-serif, slab-serif and hand drawn display typefaces to provide you with a versatile typographic toolkit that will serve you for your entire design career!

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The Professional, Versatile Font Selection

The original value of The Professional, Versatile Font Selection weighs in at $2300, but for a limited time only you can purchase this entire collection with a 99% discount, which reduces the price to just $29. The premium quality of these fonts is immediately apparent with extensive language support and a multitude of weights and styles. They’re also fully loaded with OpenType features that give you extensive typographic control in pro software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

URW Bodoni

URW Bodoni Antiqua

The Mozart Script

Isidora Sans




Pensum Display

Colby Standard and Condensed

Backlash Font Duo

Lovingly Friends






Artegra Slab

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    • Hey Carlos, this bundle is being hosted by Design Cuts so it’s totally separate to the content available to Access All Areas members here on Spoon Graphics.

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