This new bundle is full of the highest-quality and on-trend design resources. You’ll find a massive selection of brushes and styles, vibrant graphics, floral designs, patterns, unique action packs, textures, effects, templates and even a vector scene creator. They’re all unique assets you can use in your work for years to come! For a limited time you can get this entire collection with a 98% discount, reducing the $1811 price to just $29.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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Usage terms are really important when it comes to resources that form an integral part of a design. Every item in this collection comes with extended licensing, which gives you the freedom to use the files in your artwork, including within commercial projects and even saleable products like prints and merchandise. This is a great opportunity to add these popular products to your toolkit at a fantastic price.

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  1. Oh for heaven’s sake! Once again, without any prior warning, you offer up this here bundle and there I go, reaching for my wallet! I was intending to work today, not go shopping. Thanks Chris ;-)

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