Meet the ultimate time-saving toolkit for every modern designer. Each best-selling product in this bundle has been designed to help you to get your work done better and faster. From stunning mockups and fonts, to sleek print templates and presentation kits, this bundle is bursting with value and will pay for itself many times over when integrated into your design projects. It’s like a bundle full of bundles!

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The Modern Designer’s Professional Toolkit

The Modern Designer’s Professional Toolkit contains innovative mockups, a HUGE font family, infographics, stock photos, clean backgrounds, layouting kits, wireframe kits, UI kits, Powerpoint/Keynote templates, icons, illustrations, social media packs, logo kits, pitch packs, flyer templates, and more. Whether you’re building stunning presentations, websites or branding projects, this pack will save you both time and money.

The Modern Designer’s Professional Toolkit

With $5895 worth of tools, this is one huge design bundle! You can get your hands on it all for just $29 while the 99% off discount lasts. This is a limited time offer so add these resources to your collection of assets while you can, you never know when you might need them in your future design projects.

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