The variety of projects we get the chance to work on is one of the most exciting things about being a designer, one day you might be creating a sleek corporate brochure, the next you could be putting together a vintage menu for a cafe. With such diversity in the creative challenges that come your way, it’s important to have a varied library of resources to call upon for support. This new premium resources bundle has you covered when it comes to textures and patterns, with everything from hand drawn doodles to tactile surfaces to cater for a wide mix of design styles. The total value is $2340, but for a limited time the 99% discount reduces the price tag to just $29.

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The Complete Textures and Patterns Collection is so comprehensive that you can rely on it for pretty much all your projects. You’ll find slick vector textures, tactile artistic surfaces, gorgeous space imagery, vintage designs, leather, paper, floral patterns, geometric seamless surfaces, art deco images and much more! They’re all unique resources that would be too time consuming or difficult to create on demand, but with this bundle you’ll have a vast library of tools to make your work instantly more visually impressive right at your fingertips.

With a price of just $29 thanks to the 99% discount it’s the perfect chance to acquire these products for a fraction of their total value. Despite paying just 1% of their regular price tag, each item even comes with extended licensing, which covers you for all commercial work and items created for resale, such as merchandise and printed products. Follow the link below to view the complete collection in full detail and see the quality and quantity of all the individual items for yourself.

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