When I heard the news about the Mammoth Creative Design Collection, I knew this latest bundle from Design Cuts was going to be good! This is their highest quality, most creative bundle yet. It contains 30 best selling design resources with a nice mix of fonts, vectors, textures, brushes, effects packs, mockup templates, graphics and much more, making it a fantastic variety pack to give you lots of new items to create cool stuff with! Some of the items included cost twice as much as the entire bundle, which just goes to show how much value you’re getting for the $29 price tag after that mammoth 96% discount.

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The Mammoth Creative Design Collection

Every single item in this collection is a best seller at its regular price, some of which usually cost more than the entire bundle! The value becomes even more apparent when you consider that you’re getting each pack for less than $1, and that’s including the most comprehensive Extended Licensing so you can use the resources in your commercial and resalable designs. Here’s my pick of the most sought after items:

Leathercrafter’s Studio

Leathercrafter's Studio

With a regular price tag of $59, the Leathercrafter’s Studio is a truly premium design resource. The realism of the customisable buttons, studs and stitching is amazing. One day in your design career you’re going to need to create a leather effect in a client project and you’ll wish you had this kit!

Organic Textures

Organic Textures

Rule by Art produce premium texture packs like you’ve never seen before. Their abstract stock resources make awesome album covers and movie posters. This pack of Organic Textures features 15 high resolution images with ultra fine 3D details.

Smitten Script

Smitten Script

This bundle also contains some tasty fonts, such as the Smitten typeface. It’s a hand-inked, semi-script font with tight kerning, and a fun, imperfect baseline. It’s nice and bold, plus a little gritty – Perfect for creating organic, fluid typography on products, branding, invitations, fliers, posters and more!

50 Notebook Mockups

Notebook Mockups

Mockup templates are some of the hottest design resources around. This set of 50 notebook mockups allow you to present your logos, sketches, wireframes and doodles in style with loads of alternative viewing angles and book size options. Just edit the Smart Object and you’re done!

Buckshot Vector Type Effects


Buckshot is a comprehensive Illustrator tool that creates the gritty organic look in seconds. It blows away those clean vector lines and replaces them with grungy texture effects, each with customisable options and a variety of different looks. This control is way beyond what any display font can offer!

30 Best Selling Design Resources. 96% Off

The Mammoth Creative Design Collection

My review only features 5 out of the whole bundle of 30 items in this Mammoth Creative Design Collection. Be sure to check out the full overview to see the true value on offer. At $29 for the lot it’s insane value, especially considering that each item also comes with Extended Licensing so you can safely use the resources in your design projects.

Buy the Mammoth Creative Design Collection ($29)

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