Are you a Web Designer who would you like to earn over $1,500 per month in passive income while boosting your freelance career? You might be interested in becoming the new owner of my web design blog, which is currently up for auction on Flippa. After launching the site in 2009 and growing it over the past 6 years, I’ve decided now is the time to pass it on to someone else. I’ve lost interest in the web design scene, and the arrival of our baby daughter means I don’t have as much time to put into my other ventures. With 10,000+ visitors per day, 23,000+ subscribers and 27,000+ followers, it’s an established blog in the design community that could provide someone with a new career.

Line25 Web Design Blog

Many of my readers will be familiar with I launched it in 2009 after I saw success with my Spoon Graphics design blog. Line25 quickly grew in size and now sees over 225,000+ unique visitors and 430,000+ pageviews per month, with many articles gaining number 1 search rankings and posts receiving 100s of social media shares. I’ve been lucky enough to earn a living from running my blog as a full time job, so if you’ve ever dreamed of doing the same, this could be a great opportunity to begin a new career and live the Internet lifestyle.

Line25 revenue

After some additional monetization, revenue now averages at $1,500 per month, with the latest figure from April hitting $2,420. With effort to source sponsored posts or promote affiliate deals, this figure could be significantly higher going forward. The Line25 website could be exceptionally valuable to a web professional who might use it for self promotion to dramatically increase their freelance work. Before I stopped freelancing myself, my blog provided a regular stream of worldwide clients.

Overview & Key figures

  • Established web design blog
  • Launched in 2009 (6 years old)
  • Powered by WordPress
  • Google PR 5
  • 15,399 Alexa Rank
  • 225,000+ uniques per month
  • 430,000+ pageviews per month
  • 10,000+ mailing list subscribers
  • 13,000+ RSS subscribers
  • 27,000+ Twitter followers

Line25 has over 640 posts in its archives, many of which are still relevant today and receive steady traffic from high search rankings. Roundups of design resources and showcases of web designs are popular styles of content, with this design trends post being a great example with almost 3,000 tweets, 42,000 StumbleUpon likes and 350 Facebook likes. Since the website was launched I’ve only ever posted one main article per week (on Monday), followed by the regular “Sites of the Week” showcase each Friday, which is popular with readers.
I’d recommend the new owner continues with this style of content, maybe reinforcing it with more tutorials and opinion pieces on the topic of web design. I recently began accepting content from guest writers, which might be a good option for the new owner. Increasing the posting frequency to 3 posts per week would also be a great way to boost the site’s performance and potential revenue.

Find out more & make an offer

Line25 auction on Flippa

Line25 is currently up for auction on Flippa. View the listing to see a full overview of all the stats and figures. If it’s an investment you’re interested in, place a bid and hopefully we’ll talk again when the auction is over!

View the auction listing

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  1. Congratulations for become father chris..I follow your line25 blog too.. Your activity on line25 is also leads web designers on a right path..
    Wish you all the best..

    • Thanks Kristina! I’ve really enjoyed running Line25 over the years, and it helped me learn more about web design too! Unfortunately I’ve fallen behind so I’m not in a position to share advice or knowledge anymore.
      I hope the new owner opens it up to cover a range of new topics!

      • I get the reason why you are selling, but honestly with that kind of traffic i wouldn’t even think of selling it. I wish you considered hiring a writer first.

  2. I really enjoy your Line25 blog, it’s really helped me on my journey to learning front end development as a graphic designer.

    While I understand the circumstances surrounding your decision, maybe you could entertain the idea of hiring a writer or having guest bloggers, and you could take on more of a managerial role?

    I’d hate to see all of that content go away! Its helped me so much over the years. Either way, you are doing great work and its much appreciated!

  3. Hi,

    I am writing from Spyropress.

    I am looking forward to work with you. What I see on Flippa its not worth to sell you are only get maximum 20k.

    If you used the Line25 in a way so it can earn you more then 10k in a month.

    I am looking forward to talk to you on skype.

    I have some good ideas. I am working online from last year and earn more then 200k in a year.

    I am looking forward if we can talk and work together.

    You have traffic and and you are King as you have traffic


  4. Wow! Very well established, good luck and I agree with above, I would hate to see the content go to waste, hopefully you find an amazing resolution.

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