You’re going to need a bigger toolbox after picking up this epic artistic collection currently on offer from Mighty Deals! Compiled from 36 different professional Pixelbuddha products, you’ll be taking home over 2,000 unique design elements from brushes to frames to Photoshop effects. There’s even a wide range of styles to handle your projects whether they be vintage, modern or grunge. The regular $1470 price tag for all these resources is reduced to just $9 with a 99% discount, but the offer ends in just a few days.

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Epic Artistic Collection

In this Epic Artistic Collection you’ll find dozens of premium resources, including brushes, textures, watercolours, frames, patterns, vector illustrations, logos, logo elements, paint strokes, Photoshop effects, mood boards and so much more. There’s also a variety of themes and styles ranging from florals to animals to vintage to grunge.

Normally this mammoth collection sells for $1,470 but for a limited time only, you can get all 36 Epic Artistic sets for only $9! That’s a ridiculous savings of 99% off the regular price.

Buy The Epic Artistic Collection for Just $9

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  1. At first, the page didn’t load completely, so, I thought, “meh!” LOL But, then it DID load all the way! Dayum! Got it! Thanks!

  2. This is a terrific offer. A great opportunity to get great samples at an affordable price. This can help me towrite my dissertation on art and fill my work with illustrations. And in general, an excellent source for anyone looking for a new design.

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