I’ve heard from many of my readers who love receiving my email notifications of spectacular deals on design resources. You guys can’t seem to get enough fonts, so you might be particularly interested in this latest collection from Design Cuts. At 98% off the discounts are getting so high there’s little left on the price tag! This is a great opportunity to grab $1894 worth of beautiful fonts for just $29.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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All New Best Selling Fonts

Here’s 20 all new best selling fonts to add to your collection, with web font variants and extended licensing included in the price. It’s difficult to find a single font with these usage terms for $29, nevermind 20 fonts! There’s no filler content either, they’re all best sellers that are incredibly popular at their full price.

There’s a real creative theme to this collection, with the many of fonts having lovely script or cursive styles. Here’s an overview of my favourites:

Vanilla Frosting Typeface

Vanilla Frosting font preview

Hand illustrated typography designs are extremely popular. They’re usually crafted by hand, but the endless number of alternates, swashes and catchwords included with this font makes it easy to create unique designs every time!

Prada Script

Prada font preview

I always find choosing a script font for a design is incredibly difficult! They all have such different characters it’s hard to find the exact style you need. I can foresee Prada script being used extensively in my future designs though, it has lovely bold curves and plenty of elegant swooshes.

Reckless Font

Reckless font preview

This Reckless font just makes me want to slap on some heavy metal music and design an awesome band logo! It’s cited as being a hybrid of script, blackletter and tattoo type styles and also suits anything to do with cars, games and machines.

Nexa Rust Complete Font Family

Nexa Rust font preview

I don’t think you’ll find a font with more variants than Nexa Rust. This one font family alone contains sans, slab, script and handmade versions, each comprising of multiple weights and levels of texture.

20 Beautiful Fonts, Perfect for Designers

All New Best Selling Fonts

This is just a sample of my favourite items from the whole collection. Be sure to check out all the fonts on offer and see the numerous extras they come with. Licensing terms are always something to look out for, but you’re perfectly safe here. Extended licensing means these fonts can be used in any commercial project, and even used within items you intend to sell, such as posters and t-shirts.

Check out these 20 All New Best Selling Fonts

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  1. Damn, I just bought the Nexa family a couple of weeks ago for $70-something, thinking I’d never see a deal like that again. And then this pops up.

    Love the rest of these fonts so I think I’ll be purchasing this pack as well

  2. I’ve been kicking and screaming that I don’t have the moola to pick up that bundle!! It is truly gorgeous. I’ve grabbed a few of the Design Cuts bundles, and they’re always amazing value… plus LOVE their no hassle/use for whatever licensing.

    BTW, if you’re into killer deals, there’s a ‘pay what you want’ (though $9 is the low price I’ve seen) design bundle on Creative Market right now that’s rather lovely. Many of the resources have been offered as previous freebies of the week, but about 10 items were straight off my wishlist, for a combined cost of $180. Killer deal, if you’re hunting. Though I have to say, the PITA ‘simple’ license at Creative Market is so complex that it gives me hives. ;)

    Just stumbled onto your site, and loving it! Thanks tons for all the goodies!

  3. Hi Chris,
    I was a regular reader of your blog line 25 and your amazing work turned me a regular reader of this blog of yours as well.Great work bro.

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