The reason premium vector design resources tend to cost so much is that a considerable amount of time has been put into crafting them to ensure they’re premium quality. Artists and Illustrators spend hours painting and drawing each graphic by hand, or sourcing them from rare materials most of us just don’t have available to us. Typically a vector graphics product is sold in the region of $20-$30, and provides a good collection of elements to use in your projects, but the price soon starts to add up when you require a range of different assets to cater for various design styles. This new design resources bundle offers a varied library of 32 popular vector graphics products, but also features a huge 99% discount that reduces the price tag down to just $29—the average cost of just a single product at full price! This means $2,847 worth of premium products can be yours, but without the premium price tag!

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The Premium Quality Vectors Bundle

The Premium Quality Vectors Bundle contains 1000s of individual elements, from detailed illustrations, to vintage images, textures, brush sets, and those always-useful ‘building block’ elements such as frames, shapes and dividers used to construct your wider designs. Each product is a best seller in its own right, so this bundle is extremely good value with 32 products combined into one huge collection.

The Premium Quality Vectors Bundle

Every one of these items is also backed by extended licensing, which covers you for usage in your design projects and items you make for resale. Even if there’s just one or two products you want right now, with a 99% discount worth $2,847 it’s a good idea to grab the whole bundle while it’s on offer and have a wealth of resources to hand for years to come. These items will only be available individually at their full price once the deal expires in less than two weeks.

Buy The Premium Quality Vectors Bundle for $29

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