Vector graphics are a life saver for designers. When deadlines are fast approaching there’s no time to tediously illustrate design elements by hand, or frantically search the web for rare illustrations. Having a library of quality resources allows you to copy & paste ready made elements straight into your designs to quickly produce stunning artwork with all the fun and none of the stress. There’s currently a fantastic opportunity to grab a comprehensive collection of vector graphics from Design Cuts. The Creative Vectors Bundle contains 1000s of varied vector elements, including decorative flourishes, vintage packs, floral designs, textures, patterns, and more! All for a massive 94% discount!

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The Comprehensive, Creative Vectors Bundle

The types of vector graphics I find the most useful are elements I simply can’t make myself. Technical drawings, vintage illustrations, intricate ornaments and detailed patterns are all valuable assets that can transform a design, but they’re pretty hard to come by. Thankfully this Comprehensive, Creative Vectors Bundle contains them all, along with 1000s of other vector items. Most importantly, everything comes with extended licensing so you can safely use the resources in your commercial work, even designs you intend to sell, like art prints and digital products.

Here’s a brief look at just some of the wonderful packs the bundle includes. Be sure to check out the full overview to see the entire collection!

Decorative Graphic Pack

Decorative Vectors Pack preview

You never know when you’re going to need an ornament, frame, ribbon or wreath in your designs, so prepare yourself with the most varied collections of elements you can find. This bundle starts with the Decorative Graphic Pack, which already provides you with over 500 elements!

Hand Drawn Romantic Decoration Pack

Hand Drawn Romantic Vector Pack preview

Romance is a theme that recurs in all kinds of designs. Valentine’s day, greetings cards and wedding invitations are all scenarios that require ribbons, wreaths and other elegant illustrations. Make life easy for yourself by having items like the Hand Drawn Romantic Decoration Pack in your arsenal.

The Really Rustic Vintage Wedding Kit

The Really Rustic Wedding Kit preview

The rustic style is a popular theme for wedding invitations. This complete kit contains loads of vector elements that allow you to put together a stunning design in minutes. Mix and match the complex wreath illustrations with seamless patters, decorative borders and vintage illustrations to create beautiful prints.

VectorPress: Illustrator Letterpress

VectorPress preview

Vectors aren’t always individual graphics, vector textures are also some of the most crucial resources for roughing up your clean and crisp Illustrator art. VectorPress uses a unique hybrid of Graphic Styles & Actions to quickly add texture effects to your work in seconds, giving that hand made letterpress feel.

1000s of Vectors for Every Occasion!

The Comprehensive, Creative Vectors Bundle

You never know what kind of element you’re going to need to achieve the perfect design, so it’s important to collect as many as you can. This Comprehensive, Creative Vectors Bundle will cover most design scenarios with the 1000s of vectors it contains. The correct licensing is always important when you’re using third party resources in your work, but you’re safe with every item in this collection as they all come with full extended licenses. This license alone often costs as much as a single vector pack!

Buy the Comprehensive, Creative Vectors Bundle ($29)

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  1. I’ve purchased this bundle and I am so happy, it’s immensely handy to have such a variety of vectors, Kudos on this selection !

  2. Chris, Always love to visit your blog ..Getting something new in a each and every visit on your blog.. Thanks for the useful resource.. I bookmarked it!

  3. I love the Design Cuts bundles. I’ve bought nearly a dozen of them now.

    My issue is that I’m more a crafter that went digital instead of a graphic designer first so now I’m having issues keeping all these files in order and organized.

    Do you have any tips on how to make these files easy to use? How to organize stuff that comes with a commercial license vs stuff that’s a freebie and is personal use only? I feel like I might be wasting money by not being able to keep track of everything I have.

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