In last week’s vintage logo tutorial we saw how useful vector textures can be to create that aged and weathered appearance, while maintaining a scaleable vector format. So this week I’ve gone ahead and created a pack of new texture files to give you extra choice when grunging up your vector work. Download these textures along with my vector bumper pack for free!

Free vector texture pack

Vector texture pack

This free vector pack contains 6 scaleable vector texture graphics. The detail and style varies between each graphic, giving you a choice from subtle grain to full on grunge.

Vector texture pack

Vector texture pack

How to use the vector textures

Each texture graphic is a compound path ready for use with the Pathfinder tool. Open up your logo or illustration ready for distressing. Ungroup all the objects and create a compound path of all the elements.

Copy, paste and scale a texture to cover the whole logo/illustration, then send the texture to the bottom of the stack.

Use the Intersect option from the Pathfinder palette to crop the texture to the outline of the logo/illustration. Make a copy of this result then hit CMD+Z to Undo.

Delete out the unedited texture and replace it with the cropped texture from your clipboard using the Paste in Front comment (CMD+F). Change the fill to white to create an aged distressed appearance.

Download the vector texture pack 9.3mb

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  1. Is there one step missing at the end? When I CMD F’d the edited texture on top of my logo, I had to change the color back to white. Or did I do something wrong?

  2. Cheers Chris – working to the tightest deadline ever and this was just what I needed. Saved me half an hour of mucking about making the texture I needed.

  3. hahahaha, funny thing. I thought about it today morning, opened your site, and what? here it is :) you read my mind, Chris :) cheers!

  4. I love all your posts, very informational. I appreciate these tips because i’m just starting out as a blogger and not sure where to start. keep it coming……..

  5. Thanks Chris, this is just the tutorial I was looking for. Not to mention the textures themselves.

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