It has been a while since I’ve shared any vector textures, so I made use of my trusty old sky lights once again to capture more of the awesome dirt, grime and bird poop that nature has kindly supplied for me to turn into design resources! Today’s freebie is a pack of 12 grunge textures in vector format. Use them to erode away your designs in Illustrator or apply them as detailed background for your artwork.

12 Free Vector Grunge Textures

This free set of grunge textures contains 12 individual vector graphics with varying levels of grain and grime. They have all been processed into Compound Paths so they’re ready for use in Illustrator as either backgrounds, opacity masks or with the help of the Pathfinder tool to erode away your designs to create awesome distressed grunge effects.

Free Vector Grunge Textures

Download the free vector grunge textures 10mb

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Grunge Textures Vector Pack

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Light Grunge Textures

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  1. Hello! I enjoy reading your blog..I’m really interested in these textures, but is there anyway that they come as a non-Illustrator pack?

  2. I have to say, thanks for all the awesome freebies (and tutorials for that matter) you have given away! They are incredibly helpful, thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the generous freebie, Chris! I will certainly put them to good use — although some would say my artwork is ALREADY ‘eroded’ ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing, Chris!! I´m currently working my style around chalk-textured vector characters and these will sure come in handy!

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